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3 Great Examples of a Crop Haircut ...

By Jai

Are you considering getting a crop haircut? Then you are right on trend! Check out these **3 examples of a crop haircut **and see which one's just right for you!
1st Example: Mary J Blige (photo above)
The Queen of R&B, Mary J Blige has been seen wearing this look. Her’s is a low maintenance look that has the longer bangs in the front. All you would need for this look is a bit of wax to make it piece-y.

The crop is the hottest new haircut. It is made by precision cutting and can be worn smoothed out or touseld. This cut is best for women with strong features **and it's the best at highlighting **beautiful eyes.

2nd Example: Rihanna
Rihanna’s style has evolved since she first came on the scene. She’s gone from sweet and girl next door to the trendiest, sassiest girl on the block. This style has very long bangs swept to the front. Notice how this cut really brings out her eyes! While styling your hair use a paddle brush with your blow dryer to style it like Rihanna’s. A bit of your favorite shine polish will finish that look!
3d Example: Agyness Deyn’s
Agyness Deyn’s look is quite a bit shorter than Rihanna’s. A very petite, feminine face can pull this look off. Use that same paddle brush as you blow dry your hair forwards to achieve this look. This is a great get up and go look for those ladies who don’t have much time in the morning to do their hair. It’s definitely very low maintenance!

You could also experiment with headbands, barrettes and cute bobby pins to accessorize this great cut! It’s very versatile for day or night and easy to style.

If you are looking for a change and consider yourself trendy then maybe a crop would be a good choice for you. So what is the difference of a crop and any other short hairstyle? The crop has longer bangs in the front and it's longer than a really short pixie cut but not as long as a bob. It's in that in-between stage, say if you're growing that pixie out. Hair is always beautiful long or short!

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