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Tips and Hairstyles for the Naturally Straight Look

By Jai

Naturally straight hair is in right now, so all of you can unplug your favorite hair iron right now. Whether your hair is straight or curly the only tools you will need to achieve this natural look is a good blow dryer and a great round brush.
After you wash your hair, part your hair in sections. Dry your hair in sections and roll the round brush underneath especially at the ends. You want to be able to give that volume that’s so necessary for that naturally straight look. After you have dried all sections take a bit of gloss (I really like Glossing by Frederic Fekkai-a little goes a long way!) and comb through.
If you prefer you can also go the old school method with this hair and use hair rollers. I’m not too partial to the foam and the Velcro rollers are not a good idea. They tend to stick and tangle your hair which would kill this look. Get the biggest set of rollers you can find. The longer your hair the bigger the roller you should use. Anything to small will just give you curls.
After drying in a hair dryer let your hair cool and then remove the rollers. You can use a round brush and blow dryer to loosen the curl. This would be a better option for those of you who may have some damaged hair. It may take a bit longer but it’s the way to go for less heat damage.

Check out these pictures for inspiration:
This Burberry model has very fine hair.
The side part gives it a little more volume.
Claudia Schiffer’s hair has lots of volume!
This slicked back look is another way to wear the natural straight hair.
Lifting the **crown of hair **and slicking it back is another hairstyle to wear with the naturally straight hair. Use bobby pins or your favorite barrette to hold it back and this model also has some spray or gel in her hair to give it that “wet” look in the front.

That’s all you need to achieve this sexy new look!

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