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7 Pretty Fall Dcor Items ...

By Jennifer

Decorating for fall doesn’t always have to mean the same apples and corn stalks and cheesy pumpkins with glitter. It can be more subtle, more natural, and much more sophisticated. But what it doesn’t have to be is difficult or complicated, especially if you know where to look for great fall home décor. After much searching and very little hand-wringing, I’ve hunted down some gorgeous goodies… here’s my list of 7 pretty fall décor items.

1 Pottery Barn Faux Bittersweet Wreath

Pottery Barn Faux Bittersweet WreathPrice: $59.00 at
Use this pretty realistic-looking wreath indoors with photos tucked inside, or around the base of a large pillar candle as a centerpiece. Either way, it’s a gorgeous way to welcome fall, and unlike real bittersweet boughs, this wreath won’t lose its leaves or petals, so you can enjoy it for years to come.

2 Pottery Barn Harvest Ceramic Collection

Pottery Barn Harvest Ceramic CollectionPrice: $59.00 to $69.00 at
Sometimes all you need to do to decorate for fall is choose a few pieces in glorious fall colors, like these ceramic vases, bowl, and urns. They’re a rich, deep red, made to hold any of your other fall décor, or just on their own in a group.

3 Pottery Barn Birch Pillar Candles

Pottery Barn Birch Pillar CandlesPrice: $15.00 to $69.00 at
Group these pillar candles in a display of three or five, combined with your favorite little acorns or pinecones or on their own, for a pretty little centerpiece, or along a mantel for something more demure. They’re hand-painted to look just like birch branches, and they really do look so realistic.

4 Pottery Barn Acorn Vase Filler

Pottery Barn Acorn Vase FillerPrice: $14.00 at
Don’t these perky little acorns look genuine? They’re not, at least not the bottom part (it’s hand-painted plastic)… the tops are real, and together they make a great vase filler. The set contains 54 little acorns, which is enough to fill a couple of vases, maybe as a fall wedding centerpiece?

5 Pottery Barn Leaf Lanterns

Pottery Barn Leaf LanternsPrice: $59.00 to $99.00 at
Possibly the most majestic of all trees is the oak, and it’s not just because of its stature. It’s also because of its graceful, elegant leaves. These lanterns celebrate that leaf and will add a touch of fall to your patio or garden. The lanterns come in two sizes, which you can group together or use apart from each other.

6 Urban Outfitters Wooden Owl Frame

Urban Outfitters Wooden Owl FramePrice: $18.00 at
I’m not sure why, but this frame, and owls in general, remind me of fall. I’d use this frame to display a nature walk photo of my little girl. It holds a photo 3” in diameter, and the frame itself measures about

7” tall by 5” wide. I love the natural appeal of the wood… so pretty!

7 Urban Outfitters Fleur Patchwork Quilt

Urban Outfitters Fleur Patchwork QuiltPrice: $108 to $128 at
When I was little, I never understood why my mom would change out bedding sets to match the season, but now I totally get it. It’s a nice way to redecorate a room and to welcome in a new season, isn’t it? I love this one for fall, with the gorgeous jewel-tone colors and the pretty mum-inspired prints.

I definitely have to buy some of those sweet little acorns for my hurricane lamps, and maybe that quilt, too… I love all of these pretty fall décor items, though… which do you like best, and why? How would you use it? Please let me know!

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