7 Ways to Change a Room for under $200 ...

With fall on the way, you might be looking around your house wondering how you can update your rooms without spending all of the money you’ve saved to buy holiday gifts. I can help! Here’s a list of 7 ways to change those rooms, for under $200 in each room!

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Shopping list: Chinoiserie long pillow from DwellStudio.com, chunky ribbed throw and vintage keys from PotteryBarn.com

Earth tones can be warm and calming, but maybe you went a little overboard on the beige when you painted and decorated your room. Now it’s bland, dull, and boring. But the good thing about earthtones neutrals is that they make a great background for something more, and it’s easy to pick a theme and add just a few touches of color to really make your room into a place you want to spend time! Add a throw pillow from the Chinoiserie line at Dwell Studio, and a matching smoke knit throw from Pottery Barn, and place these antique’d sets of keys on a pretty tray with some of your existing beige candles… perfect!

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