7 Ways to Change a Room for under 200 ...


7 Ways to Change a Room for under 200 ...
7 Ways to Change a Room for under 200 ...

With fall on the way, you might be looking around your house wondering how you can update your rooms without spending all of the money you’ve saved to buy holiday gifts. I can help! Here’s a list of 7 ways to change those rooms, for under $200 in each room!

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Bedroom 1: Beige and Bland to Natural Wonder – Total Cost: $196.00 Shopping list: Chinoiserie long pillow from DwellStudio.com, chunky ribbed throw and vintage keys from PotteryBarn.com

Earth tones can be warm and calming, but maybe you went a little overboard on the beige when you painted and decorated your room. Now it’s bland, dull, and boring. But the good thing about earthtones neutrals is that they make a great background for something more, and it’s easy to pick a theme and add just a few touches of color to really make your room into a place you want to spend time! Add a throw pillow from the Chinoiserie line at Dwell Studio, and a matching smoke knit throw from Pottery Barn, and place these antique’d sets of keys on a pretty tray with some of your existing beige candles… perfect!


Bedroom 2: Baby Princess to Big Girl – Total Cost: $88.00

Bedroom 2: Baby Princess to Big Girl – Total Cost: $88.00 Shopping list: Butterfly mirrors and butterfly wall décor from PotteryBarnKids.com

Pink walls, pink flower bed spread, pink rug — this might have been an ideal room for your little princess when she was a baby, but she’s growing up now, and has a style all her own! It’s pricey to start a room over, so pick a few pieces in a new color that looks good with the pink she already has! These butterfly pieces will work nicely, and they’re so colorful, you’ll be able to match more new pieces in as you go… maybe the yellow or green!


Living Room: More Beige? – Total Cost: $159.00 Shopping list: Small and medium distressed wood buoys, chunky ribbed throw and jute braid pillow, both in Saffron, from PotteryBarn.com

After all the beige in the bedroom, it’s time to get some color in the living room, too! Why not go with a nice, light nautical theme? Don’t go overboard with it, though… just a few key pieces… use the distressed red to add a pop of color…


Bathroom: Blue but Boring – Total Cost: $168.00

Bathroom: Blue but Boring – Total Cost: $168.00 Shopping list: Ceramic conch shells (three) and unstretched canvas shell prints from PotteryBarn.com

Blue is a great color for a bathroom, but the wrong color of blue, or the wrong lighting, can make it boring. Add a faded seaside theme, carrying some of the theme from the living room, and the blue will be perfect, not boring. Place the shells on a clear glass tray with some natural sand and a couple of your existing pillar candles or tea-lights, then hang the art of the walls… easy!


Kitchen: Banish the Geese and the Tuscan Villa! – Total Cost: $147.00

Kitchen: Banish the Geese and the Tuscan Villa! – Total Cost: $147.00 Shopping list: Ceramic rooster, rooster serving platter, and Founders lazy Susan condiment tray

Those blue country geese are so 1990, and the Tuscan theme is old, too. Why not use most of the rustic-tone stuff you already have in the kitchen, and change it to a country cottage instead? These simple pieces will pull it all together, and you can keep your yellow and red plates and paint.


Office: Make It Tidy – Total Cost: $73.00 Shopping list: 1 storage rack, 3 magazine storage bin, 1 wastepaper basket, and 1 magazine storage rack, all in the FLÄTA design at IKEA.com

Chances are, your old desk and chair will work… and so will the shelves. You just need a bright color worked throughout to pull it together, organize it, and make it a place that will inspire, not bore! Try the KAJSA collection of boxes in all shapes and sizes, or the cool bamboo-looking FLÄTA collection.


Playroom: It Doesn’t Have to Be Messy! – Total Cost: $187.00 Shopping list: 3 chairs, 1 shelf, and 1 table from the MAMMUT collection and 3 GLIS boxes with lids from IKEA.com

By simply adding a place for kids to sit and draw, play with clay, or read, the playroom can be tidy, without you having to spend hours in there. I love the MAMMUT series at IKEA. It’s bright, colorful, sturdy, and adorable! Plus it matches perfectly with the GLIS boxes and lids…

Updating your rooms can be fun if you know where to start, even if you don’t have a lot to spend! Which of these mini-makeovers do you like best? Please let me know!

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