10 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home ...


10 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home ...
10 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home ...

For Feng Shui, you should make the first welcome upon entering your home warm and pleasant. Above the entrance of a door, try hanging a Ba-Gua mirror. However, make sure you never use this mirror inside your home. Do you like these tips? I have always been into Feng Shui and enjoy writing/talking about it as well. Be prepared as I am going to give you 10 Feng Shui tips for your home …

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The Five Elements

The Five Elements Image source: marvelrevolution.wdfiles.com

It is important that you know the five elements and what they do. To get you started, the five elements include Wood, Fire Earth, Metal and Water. These are the foundation for Feng Shui balance. They play an important role in putting together the perfect environment.


Clean That Clutter

Clean That Clutter Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

You want the perfect look in your house? Then balance things out by getting rid of that clutter. Surely, there are some things you do not need in your home – get rid of it. Take note that this is an essential step that you should not look past.


The Ba-Gua

The Ba-Gua Image source: farm4.static.flickr.com

It is important that you define the Ba-Gua. This is the Feng Shui energy map of your home. You can use one of the two main methods. You have the BTB grid or the compass. Once you define this, you will know which areas of your house are connected to the areas of your life. As an example, in my house, the southeast is connected to the flow of money.


Know Your Kua Number

Know Your Kua Number Image source: rsc.org

You should know your Kua Number and position yourself according to that number. As an example, if you have a Kua Number that is 1, then it would be a good idea to face in these directions: Southeast, East, south and North.


Have Plants in All Rooms

Have Plants in All Rooms Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

You should have plants in all rooms of your home. If you could find plants that have petals that are round like coins, then that is even better.


Move Furniture around

Move Furniture around Image source: legacyentries.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

I do this at least one time a week – yeah, call me weird. However, it really helps me think and there is good reason behind this. When you move furniture, you are creating a new flow of energy.


Get Rid of Dead Flowers

Get Rid of Dead Flowers Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

If your flowers are dead, then they are draining your wealth and you do not want this. Replace them with fake or silk flowers.


For More Cash Flow

For More Cash Flow Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

If you want more cash flow, then create a waterfall in your yard. The far left rear corner of your backyard is the best place for this.


A Pond

A Pond Image source: s3prod.weheartit.netdna-cdn.com

On the outside, make a pond. The pond should hold nine goldfish or carp. Eight of them should be gold or red and one of them should be black. The black fish will be the one that attracts the undesirable. If one of the fish dies, don’t fret about it. It is believed that fish absorb bad luck that was really meant for a member of the home. They say not to put fish in the bathroom, kitchen or bedroom as this will cause material loss.


Fu Dogs

Fu Dogs Image source: cpmas1.com

Yes, these are my favorite. Fu dogs are important as they are used in order to guard your home or business. Buy a pair of them and put them on either side of your door – I prefer to place them outside. If you are not able to put them outside, then go ahead and put them inside the front door.

Those are 10 Feng Shui tips for your home. How many of you enjoy Feng Shui as well? This is a topic that I could tell so much about, but have run out of time. So, feel free to give my readers any tips you may have.

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This is an awesome post, love this kind of stuff. :}

The Ba-Gua is creepy! We actually placed one in our home a few years back and 2 days later my sister got run over by a car. She was and is still ok though but still she had an accident after we put that thing up in our wall.

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