7 Feng Shui Tips to Invite Prosperity into Your Home


7 Feng Shui Tips to Invite Prosperity into Your Home
7 Feng Shui Tips to Invite Prosperity into Your Home

Who doesn’t want prosperity and an abundance of wealth in their house, and what wouldn’t they do it to get it? You’ve tried working hard, counting pennies, scrimping on household expenditures, denying yourself tiny pleasures, and investing in the stock market. Nothing seems to bring in the kind of results you expected. Have you tried Feng Shui yet? Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, says that you can increase the flow of personal wealth by tweaking the flow of energy in your surroundings. Why not give it a try? This could be just the thing you need to turn your luck around favorably.

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Get Rid of Clutter

The most basic of all Feng Shui principles is that your home should be neat and clean and free of clutter. Clutter creates negativity in the environment and prevents prosperity from flowing in and around your house. Throw out stuff you don’t need, dust all your furniture every day, and remove dirty things from the house. Also get rid of any negative items you may be hoarding like unpleasant pictures depicting pain and suffering and dead flowers and plants.


Bring in the Water Element

In Feng Shui, water symbolizes wealth. So try and incorporate as many water elements as you can. Begin by installing a water fountain inside your house, in the foyer. This fountain should be kept running at all times to prevent the water from stagnating. Close the toilet lids as well as bathroom doors to prevent the negative influence of stagnant water from disturbing the balance of your home. If you have a fireplace, balance the fire energy so it does not burn the wealth flowing in your house. You can do so by placing a small water fountain or a vase of fresh flowers on the fireplace to calm the fire element.


Live It Green

Healthy, flourishing plants, according to feng shui, help harness the energy of prosperity and abundance. If you cannot have plants inside or outside your house, you could make do by arranging vases of fresh flowers throughout the house. However, make sure you change the water and clean the vase regularly. For those who can, plant bamboo or the jade plant in the garden, since they are considered symbols for wealth and abundance.


Do It in Threes

In the far left corner of the living room place similar objects in threes. It could be three bowls, or candle stands, or even pictures. The best colors to go with are purple, red, gold, and green – since these colors for many a centuries have been associated with royalty, money, and wealth.


It’s Crystal Clear

Crystals are considered to be energy boosters. Hang a clear crystal, preferably a round faceted one, on a red cord, 18 inches long. Place this in the rear left corner of your living room, which is considered to be the wealth corner. If you hang it close to the window, you will be able to see the sunlight bouncing off it in rainbow colors, another sign of wealth and prosperity.


Burning Your Way to Prosperity

The Chinese have always believed that your gas stove is directly connected to the flow of wealth in the house. For this reason, you are advised to keep the stove as well as the burners sparkling clean and in good working condition. Also, you should hang a mirror above your stove, which will create an illusion of having twice the number of burners you had before. This increases your chances of inviting prosperity into your house.


Go for the Goldfish

Never thought that the tiny little fish floating around in the aquarium minding their own business could be so vital to your prosperity? Well, they are. So get yourself several orange goldfish and one black one. Why the black one? Simply because it has the potential to absorb any negative energy from its surroundings, creating more positive energy for you.

Well, here we come to the end of our feng shui tips on ushering in peace and prosperity into your house. From a purely aesthetic point of view, I like the idea of having a fountain and an aquarium in the house, not to mention flowers and plants. If they should also act as the harbinger of wealth and prosperity, all the better for me. Which of these tips appeal to you the most?

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wow thnkuuuuuuuuu

thanks.. a very intetesting post , will try a few tips hopefully it'll help:-)

wow, this post is really interesting. ;)

I would like to know if anyone actually put this to a real test? Even if it does not work, it will make our house look nice, clean, and pleasant.

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