9 Vintage Etsy Treasures to Add to Your Home ...


9 Vintage Etsy Treasures to Add to Your Home ...
9 Vintage Etsy Treasures to Add to Your Home ...

The new trend in home décor is vintage old world style. If you check out the latest home design magazines, you will see how people are incorporating antiques, heirlooms, and flea market treasures into their spaces. These items have a sentimental appeal for many people and they have a look that is timeless. You won’t have to change up your house every time a new trend comes and goes when you choose a vintage theme. To get started, search for any existing pieces that you could use in your décor. Then start shopping for other unique items to finish your space. Here are 9 vintage Etsy treasures to add to your home.

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Wooden Owl Ash Tray

Wooden Owl Ash Tray Price: 12.00 at etsy.com
One of my earliest memories is of watching a carved wooden owl sit on the mantle in my grandfather’s study. I never could understand as a small child why the owl was just sitting there every time I walked by! You can buy an identical wooden owl ash tray on Etsy to recreate that classic accessory in your home.


Wooden Yellow Pepsi Crate

Wooden Yellow Pepsi Crate Price: 15.99 at etsy.com
Nothing says vintage like old Pepsi crates. Stack these in a corner or bolt them together to make an impromptu book shelf. Use them to hold children’s toys or store favorite magazines inside the crates next to your sofa.


Copper Jane Parker Potato Chip Tin

Copper Jane Parker Potato Chip Tin Price: 11.98 at etsy.com
This authentic potato chip tin comes from the 1960’s. It is a fun conversation piece to display in the kitchen and it can be practical too. Use it to store flour or measuring cups on the counter top.


Silver Tea Pot

Silver Tea Pot Price: 38.50 at etsy.com
This old silver tea pot is beautiful in that timeless vintage way. Display it on the curio with a matching distressed platter. You will recall the tea parties of your childhood every time you see it.


Wood Wall Shelf with Drawer

Wood Wall Shelf with Drawer Price: 24.50 at etsy.com
Small wooden shelves were very popular in the 1970’s. This one is the perfect style to recreate that look with a tiny drawer and decorative scroll trimming. Use it to store matches or playing cards or display other vintage knick knacks on the shelf.


Ship Book Ends

Ship Book Ends Price: 22.00 at etsy.com
These beautiful vintage book ends ignite the imagination and will stir the soul. Ships were a popular item used in home decorating in the 1960’s and this book ends recreate that look.


Crystal Glass Apothecary Jars

Crystal Glass Apothecary Jars Price: 22.50 at etsy.com
Glass apothecary jars are a timeless piece that can be used for many things. Display them on a shelf just as they are or fill them with candy for visitors to enjoy. You can even use them to hold little toiletries like cotton balls or q-tips in the bathroom.


Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp

Milk Glass Hobnail Lamp Price: 18.00 at etsy.com
If you grew up in the 1980’s, you probably remember your grandma having a lamp that looked just like this one. Milk glass was considered the most elegant lighting option and people loved to display it in their homes. Display this pretty lamp on your bedside table or on a small table in your living room.


Avocado Green Thumbnail Bowl

Avocado Green Thumbnail Bowl Price: 14.50 at etsy.com
Nothing says vintage like avocado green! Prop this bowl in the curio cabinet or use it to serve your guests in vintage style. You could even use it on your dresser to hold your watch, jewelry, or cell phone at night.

These 9 vintage etsy treasures to add to your home will give you a jump start on old world style. Take a look through your attic or browse through your grandparent’s basement to find other great items to display in your home. What is your favorite vintage item to look for at flea markets or online?

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