7 Most Luxurious Luxury Blogs ...


7 Most Luxurious Luxury Blogs ...
7 Most Luxurious Luxury Blogs ...

Ahh, luxury.... Many say that it's "not about the money" but really, having some can't hurt. And having a lot can mean having all the shiny toys in the world. For those who already have wads of cash lying around or are dreaming of becoming filthy rich one day, I give you here the 7 top luxury blogs to check out.

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Pursuitist Their tagline: Find and share the good things in life. And yes, that's exactly what they do and they do it so well. This is the perfect blog to follow if you feel like flushing down several thousands of dollars on a 1-night stay in a hotel or a new vehicle. But this blog shows more than just a list of cool (and expensive) things to buy. They also have fantastic posts on how to live a life of luxury, giving you tips on great places to visit and more.


JamesList The luxury version of Craigslist? You can call the blog that, sure. This website is technically an online marketplace but it is also filled to the brim with posts on luxury items. From boats to planes to watches to houses, this is a wonderful blog to know some of the most insanely expensive things out there. And if you happen to be in the market for a new boat or jet, this is one of the top luxury blogs to browse.


JustLuxe With a wide range of categories and a great number of articles, this part of the world wide web is the online hangout of the rich and famous. Or you know, those who love to be astonished at the crazy and expensive things that the rich and famous buy. Parts of the blog that you will no doubt love are under Luxe Travel and Fashion. Can't get enough of those designer dresses and palatial hotel rooms!


Robb Report This blog is the online extension of a leading luxury magazine. A great blog on how to live an ultra-affluent life, Robb Report has brilliant posts on vacation destinations, top hotel choices, vintage cars, jewelry, jets, yachts, designer duds, and a whole lot more. I admit that I love browsing their articles on collectibles and art. Their Concierges' Guide articles are also superb. This is definitely one of the top luxury blogs today.


Born Rich You don't need to be born rich to enjoy this blog. Whether you are a student of design doing research or you simply like gazing at beautiful things, this blog is for you. You will love their posts on home improvement, I bet. From the cool to wtf-inducing (Swarovski-studded screwdriver???), the items they feature are fun gazingto read about.


Elite Choice One of the best luxury blogs, Elite Choice is the site to browse for ridiculously expensive apartments, new antique pieces to add to your collection, news from top designer brands, geek collectibles & gadgets, and where to hang out if you have cash to burn.


Luxury Design

Luxury Design This blog reads like a novel. Luxury Design offers you a "firsthand" account on what it feels like to be aboard an expensive yacht, go to a luxury hotel, give a beautiful lady designer shoes, and being seduced by a beautiful woman wearing designer perfume.

Those are the top 7 luxury blogs worth bookmarking. Featuring fantastic posts on pricey cars, clothes, hotel rooms, and even silly items, these blogs will make you wish that you are an heiress. Or make you work hard so that you can be a millionaire before you hit 30.

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Very tempting blog! The world's luxury goods is an indispensable consumption. It not only provided people with the most advanced and most perfect of consumer services and more to make great contributions to the world economy.

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