Judith Leiber - Top 15 Crystal Bags ...


Judith Leiber - Top 15 Crystal Bags ...
Judith Leiber - Top 15 Crystal Bags ...

Hungarian couture handbag designer Judith Leiber is best known for her signature crystal covered minaudieres, small ornamental cases, often in the shapes of animals or fruits. Her purses are so great that some pieces are even included in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian!

Needless to say, Judith Leiber's crystal covered evening bags are considered to be the best couture bags ever, and below you will see why:

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Windflower Bag

Windflower Bag Price: $4,595 at Judithleiber
This is a crystal bag that is really unique. It has sculpted petals and gold accent that is in the center. To the side, there is a push down snap so that you can close it. This will fit in with many of your outfits and will give it a unique look as you are carrying it around.


Scarlet Bag

Scarlet Bag Price: $5,695 at Judithleiber
I found this one really unique as it is in the parrot shape. It has wonderfully sculpted tail and wing feathers. It also includes onyx eyes. On the top, it is a push down closure. It has been beaded by hand out of multicolored Austrian Crystal.


Maharaja Bag

Maharaja Bag Price: $5,995 at Judithleiber
This brightly colored elephant is a must have as it has ornate costuming details, sculpted ears, tusks, feet and trunk. It also includes onyx eyes. It includes a tuck away chain. I absolutely adore elephants, so of course I liked this. I do not think it could have been made any better than it has been.


Ganesh Bag

Ganesh Bag Price: $5,595 at Judithleiber
For those of you that want something that is exquisitely crafted, I know you will like this. It has been fully beaded with Austrian crystal. It has been accented by black onyx and carnelian. It will be beautifully boxed with a signature bag.


Rose Bag

Rose Bag Price: $3,575 at Judithleiber
If you absolutely enjoy roses, then this would go great with your outfits. In fact, I have an outfit that has roses on it and found this bag went perfect. It has bottom leaf detailing and sculpted petals. For the closure, it is a push down snap. Many complain about the snaps being hard to open and close on some handbags, but this is not the case with this one.


Schnauzer Bag

Schnauzer Bag Price: $4,875 at Judithleiber
Do you have a taste for schanuzers? If so, then you are going to absolutely enjoy this one. This is a bag that is in the shape of a schnauzer. When I first saw this, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked just like my friends schnauzer. We know this was a bit on the expensive side, but I absolutely adore my friend, so I decided to get this for her. She was amazed when she saw it. It even had a tuck in chain. It also has black onyx eyes.


This exquisite piece doesn't just serve as a whimsical accessory; it stands as a statement piece for those who dare to show off their unique style. The detailed craftsmanship is evident, with precious stones that shimmer in various lights and a design that captures the essence of the beloved Schnauzer breed. It's an investment for the fashion-forward individual and a true talking point at any high-end event. Its functionality is enhanced by a spacious interior, lined with luxurious material to safeguard your essentials. Truly, it's not just a bag but a work of art.


Mosaic Bag

Mosaic Bag Price: $3,795 at Judithleiber
This is hand detailed and includes Austrian crystals, which form the mosaic pattern. It is a rectangular bad with a nineteen inch chain. You just have to try it out in order to adore it. If you have a taste for fashion, then we know you will like this.


Heart N Soul Bag

Heart N Soul Bag Price: $2,195 at Judithleiber
I know that this is a bit on the expensive side for a hand bag, but it’s really neat. It is in the shape of a heart and has been fully hand beaded. It has a nineteen inch chain, which I found a pleasure. When I ordered it, it came in a beautiful box with a signature bag.


Polar Bear Bag

Polar Bear Bag Price: $3,995 at Judithleiber
This is a seated polar bear, which has onyx eyes. It also has sculpted paws, ears and a muzzle. The closure is a push down snap. It also includes a tuck in chain. I got this for my daughter as she is a big polar bear fan. I do not allow her to take it to school with her, but when we go on family gatherings and important meetings, it’s right by her side.


Lacey Blossoms Bag

Lacey Blossoms Bag Price: $2,995 at Judithleiber
Do you like lacey blossoms? If so, then you are going to enjoy this hand bag. It has a delicate blossom pattern. I have found that it goes great with many outfits that are floral or plain.


Spring Breeze Bag

Spring Breeze Bag Price: $3,495 at Judithleiber
This is a big rectangular minadiere, which has a gentle angled surface. It is hand beaded in wonderful spring flowers motif. It comes with a nineteen inch chain and a push down closure.


Imperial Delight Bag

Imperial Delight Bag Price: $4,495 at Judithleiber
This has hand beaded crystals that create a vine and floral pattern that is multicolor. The top handle has inset crystal accents. It has a tuck away chain, which is nineteen inches.


Satin and Crystal Bag

Satin and Crystal Bag Price: $1,495 at Judithleiber
When I first used this bag, I was amazed at the soft satin sides, which it has. This is perfect to keep small change in and I know you girls will adore it. It has Austrian crystal trim, which is a big plus to the style.


Prince Charming Bag

Prince Charming Bag Price: $3,995 at Judithleiber
For all of you who wish you could kiss Prince Charming, this is your chance. Sure, it may be a handbag, but when you see it, you will definitely want to give it a kiss. This bag is absolutely as cute as a button..or shall we say crystals? It has hand beaded multicolor crystals on it, which is stunning. It also has a nineteen inch chain. Girls, I would not pass this one up, especially if you adore frogs like me.


Love Sonnets Bag

Love Sonnets Bag Price: $3,995 at Judithleiber
This is a book shapes minaudiere, which I know you are going to enjoy. It is a multicolor hand-beaded inscription. It includes a push down closure with a nineteen inch chain. I personally like this, because it is cute. When you see a picture or see it in real life, you will see just what I am talking about.
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I cant find the football bag anywhere - saw it once & fell in LOVE!

I love the Dora Bag! I have been a fan for many years, using the beautiful photos of her animal bags, and others, from the late 70's and 80's. The pictures were cut from Town & Country Magazine and used to inspire and release the creativity in my inner city students. Unfortunately these were lost when our basement flooded in 2003. I find, many years later, that her creations still inspire the same creativity, this time with the cancer patients I am working with. It is truly amazing the joy and hope that these patients receive from involving themselves in creative expression. The ground breaking program I am involved with deals with a whole person approach to cancer treatment, and her imagination and designs are truly an inspiration. I have used them as a starting point form several activities.

Where can I find the peacock bag from Judith? I really really want it!!!

These would be so fun paired with a wedding gown!! Nice post :)

I would like to know more about Ms. Leiber besides what is on the Wikipedia site. I was told that she ordered a handbag for a friend, but it came damaged and she glued crystals over the damaged part and that is how her business began. Is this a true story? Also, told that she makes a custom bag for each new first lady to carry to the balls. ??? Is there a limit of each design? Does she retire designs? Is gold plated used? What does she do now that she has retired? So many questions - I absolutely love the handbags. We have an exhibit of her handbags in the new Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, VA. The handbags belong to a private collector but Gallery Host are needed and I would like to be able to tell her history.

These are all beautiful.

all bags are beautiful

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