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1000 Best Women Shoes

By Mabelle

I'm going to make list of best women's shoes of all times. Ok-Ok maybe not all but at least 1000 of them.

I hope it will be enough for us, yeah ?

Table of contents:

  1. black croc-embossed patent leather ankle boots with gold sole by yves saint laurent
  2. patent leather sandals with buckles by sergio rossi
  3. devendra mid heel over the knee boots
  4. devendra high heel booties with fringe detail and stud in brown suede
  5. devendra high heel booties with fringe detail and stud in black suede
  6. babouska high heel boots with studs
  7. open heel 4-inch boots
  8. babouska 4?5? heel booties with brass details
  9. hysteria mid heel boots
  10. closed shoes with gold metal detail
  11. hysteria high heel booties - dark grape suede
  12. babouska high heel open toe sandals
  13. diana high heel booties
  14. marion high heel ankle strap sandals
  15. burgundy cambridge high heels moccasins
  16. black cambridge high heels moccasins
  17. britt low heel thong sandals
  18. ginevra high heels boots
  19. hysteria mid heel pumps with metal gucci crest detail
  20. roma high heel ankle strap platform sandals
  21. roma khaki python pumps
  22. black satin sandals
  23. kristen high heel sandals with swarovski crystal details
  24. alessandro dell'acqua suede bootie with pvc and astrakhan detail
  25. alexander mcqueen leather bootie
  26. alexandra neel napa madmax boot with fur trim
  27. bally napa platform boot
  28. bottega veneta leather lace-up bootie
  29. brian atwood metallic ankle boot
  30. bruno frisoni patent leather bootie with gold ruffle
  31. calvin klein melange python papyrus heel boot
  32. chanel leather button up boot
  33. christian lacroix leather ankle boot
  34. christian louboutin leather and suede high-heel boot
  35. diane von furstenberg ponyhair bootie
  36. derek lam leather pilar ankle boot
  37. donna karan suede high-heel moccasin bootie
  38. dolce & gabbana crocodile and suede mid-calf boot
  39. emilio pucci patent leather lace-up boot
  40. fendi suede bootie
  41. giorgio armani suede platform ankle boot with bicolor piping
  42. givenchy leather wedge boot
  43. gucci suede bootie with stud detail
  44. hogan leather and suede ginger boot
  45. john galliano suede platform bootie
  46. lanvin metallic bootie with lacquered cone heel
  47. manolo blahnik patent leather peep-toe bootie
  48. jil sander suede boot with wood heel
  49. miu miu leather lace-up boot
  50. marni ankle boot with wood platform
  51. marc jacobs leather bootie
  52. missoni patent leather ankle boot with stud detail
  53. proenza schouler suede mid-calf boot
  54. prada leather ankle boot
  55. pierre hardy suede ankle boot with beveled heel
  56. nina ricci suede platform bootie with sparkle overlay
  57. oscar de la renta leather knee-high boot
  58. narciso rodriguez leather thigh-high boot
  59. ralph lauren suede cheshire bootie
  60. roger vivier
  61. stella mccartney damask platform boot
  62. sergio rossi crocodile boot
  63. tory burch crocodile-printed patent leather leigh bootie
  64. valentino leather boot with button detail
  65. jonathan kelsey for mulberry leather knee-high boot
  66. tod's suede lulu bootie with fur trim
  67. jimmy shoes patent shoes
  68. alexander mcqueen bow-back ankle boots
  69. miu miu open back suede sandals
  70. purple pumps by louis vuitton
  71. purple pumps by louis vuitton
  72. belle geometric flats by sigerson morrison
  73. tory burch reva patent ballet flats
  74. miu miu jeweled banana flats
  75. patent leather nico pumps from brian atwood
  76. satin and elastic sandals by john galliano
  77. psycho peep-toe pumps by alexandra neel
  78. strappy lace-up stilettos by alessandro dell'acqua
  79. leather sandals with striped bow by bruno frisoni
  80. molded lace-up sandals from the calvin klein collection
  81. patent leather peep-toe pumps by versace
  82. patent leather wedge ski boots by chlo

1000 Black Croc-Embossed Patent Leather Ankle Boots with Gold Sole by Yves Saint Laurent

999 Patent Leather Sandals with Buckles by Sergio Rossi

998 Devendra Mid Heel over the Knee Boots

997 Devendra High Heel Booties with Fringe Detail and Stud in Brown Suede

(update September 5 - Mabbele just added more then 100 new pairs)

996 Devendra High Heel Booties with Fringe Detail and Stud in Black Suede

995 Babouska High Heel Boots with Studs

994 Open Heel 4-inch Boots

993 Babouska 4?5? Heel Booties with Brass Details

992 Hysteria Mid Heel Boots

991 Closed Shoes with Gold Metal Detail

990 Hysteria High Heel Booties - Dark Grape Suede

989 Babouska High Heel Open Toe Sandals

988 Diana High Heel Booties

987 Marion High Heel Ankle Strap Sandals

986 Burgundy Cambridge High Heels Moccasins

985 Black Cambridge High Heels Moccasins

984 Britt Low Heel Thong Sandals

983 Ginevra High Heels Boots

982 Hysteria Mid Heel Pumps with Metal Gucci Crest Detail

981 Roma High Heel Ankle Strap Platform Sandals

980 Roma Khaki Python Pumps

979 Black Satin Sandals

978 Kristen High Heel Sandals with Swarovski Crystal Details

977 Alessandro Dell'Acqua Suede Bootie with PVC and Astrakhan Detail

976 Alexander McQueen Leather Bootie

975 Alexandra Neel Napa Madmax Boot with Fur Trim

974 Bally Napa Platform Boot

973 Bottega Veneta Leather Lace-up Bootie

972 Brian Atwood Metallic Ankle Boot

971 Bruno Frisoni Patent Leather Bootie with Gold Ruffle

970 Calvin Klein Melange Python Papyrus Heel Boot

969 Chanel Leather Button up Boot

968 Christian Lacroix Leather Ankle Boot

967 Christian Louboutin Leather and Suede High-heel Boot

965 Diane Von Furstenberg Ponyhair Bootie

964 Derek Lam Leather Pilar Ankle Boot

963 Donna Karan Suede High-heel Moccasin Bootie

962 Dolce & Gabbana Crocodile and Suede Mid-calf Boot

961 Emilio Pucci Patent Leather Lace-up Boot

960 Fendi Suede Bootie

959 Giorgio Armani Suede Platform Ankle Boot with Bicolor Piping

958 Givenchy Leather Wedge Boot

957 Gucci Suede Bootie with Stud Detail

956 Hogan Leather and Suede Ginger Boot

955 John Galliano Suede Platform Bootie

954 Lanvin Metallic Bootie with Lacquered Cone Heel

953 Manolo Blahnik Patent Leather Peep-toe Bootie

952 Jil Sander Suede Boot with Wood Heel

951 Miu Miu Leather Lace-up Boot

950 Marni Ankle Boot with Wood Platform

949 Marc Jacobs Leather Bootie

948 Missoni Patent Leather Ankle Boot with Stud Detail

947 Proenza Schouler Suede Mid-calf Boot

946 Prada Leather Ankle Boot

945 Pierre Hardy Suede Ankle Boot with Beveled Heel

944 Nina Ricci Suede Platform Bootie with Sparkle Overlay

943 Oscar De La Renta Leather Knee-high Boot

942 Narciso Rodriguez Leather Thigh-high Boot

941 Ralph Lauren Suede Cheshire Bootie

940 Roger Vivier

Elastica boot

939 Stella McCartney Damask Platform Boot

938 Sergio Rossi Crocodile Boot

937 Tory Burch Crocodile-printed Patent Leather Leigh Bootie

936 Valentino Leather Boot with Button Detail

935 Jonathan Kelsey for Mulberry Leather Knee-high Boot

934 Tod's Suede Lulu Bootie with Fur Trim

933 Jimmy Shoes Patent Shoes

932 Alexander McQueen Bow-Back Ankle Boots

931 Miu Miu Open Back Suede Sandals

930 Purple Pumps by Louis Vuitton

929 Purple Pumps by Louis Vuitton

928 Belle Geometric Flats by Sigerson Morrison

927 Tory Burch Reva Patent Ballet Flats

926 Miu Miu Jeweled Banana Flats

925 Patent Leather Nico Pumps from Brian Atwood

924 Satin and Elastic Sandals by John Galliano

923 Psycho Peep-Toe Pumps by Alexandra Neel

921 Strappy Lace-up Stilettos by Alessandro Dell'Acqua

920 Leather Sandals with Striped Bow by Bruno Frisoni

919 Molded Lace-up Sandals from the Calvin Klein Collection

918 Patent Leather Peep-Toe Pumps by Versace

917 Patent Leather Wedge Ski Boots by Chlo

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