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8 Fashion Trends Best Suited for the Young ...

By Alison

I’m a great believer in not being influenced by the expectations of others when it comes to age. Just because you’ve celebrated a certain number of birthdays does not mean that you have to start behaving a certain way. That goes for fashion as well. However, there are certain trends that probably only young women can get away with …

1 Ultra-Mini Skirts

Ultra-Mini SkirtsImage source: mimaginacion

I remember an ad from several years ago where a shocked man announced ‘That’s not a skirt, that’s a belt!’. Some women have great legs whatever their age, but really it’s a fashion that only works if you’re really young. Not because it looks any better, but because the young don’t notice if they look daft.

2 Very Bright Tights

Very Bright TightsImage source:
This is one of those garments that makes older women (i.e, over 22) look like they want to dress up as Minnie Mouse. Don’t do it. Leave it to our younger counterparts – it’s not that we lack confidence, but they have a different kind of confidence, one that says ‘I think I look great but will only realise in 10 years time how wrong I was’.

3 Track Pants

Track PantsImage source: Pendeja Caprichoza !

Unless you’re going to the gym, don’t even think of wearing these in public. Even the pricier version make you look like you live in a slightly posher corner of the trailer park. Teenage girls can wear them all the time as they are still discovering their sense of style.

4 Frills

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Avoid any garment with too many frills, especially skirts. This applies even more so if the skirt is pink. Younger girls can get away with this type of outfit because they are not so far away from the days of the dressing up box. Anyone older would just look like an oversized fairy.

5 Micro Shorts

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When it’s hot, I wear shorts and don’t give a damn what my legs look like. What I wouldn’t do though is wear really short shorts, especially not for a night out. Leave that to younger women – on anyone just a bit older, it can look like you forgot to finish dressing.

6 Belly Baring

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The only time that women past their early 20s should reveal their midriff in public is if they are on the beach in a bikini. Otherwise, keep it under wraps, no matter how toned it is, as that looks classier. You have to be very young to get away with low-cut jeans and a t-shirt that doesn’t reach it.

7 Ripped Jeans

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For one thing, this is not the 80s. For another, young people can wear ripped denim because they are supposed to look rebellious. On anyone else, it will look as though you’ve kept the jeans until they’re long past their best, or you’ve paid hundreds for a ‘designer’ to rip them for you.

8 Uggs

Image source: whimsicalsandy

What on earth makes anyone think that Uggs look good? They may be comfortable, but stylish they are not, so I’m mystified as to why anyone out of their teens would want to wear them. Teenagers have that ability to not care how they look.

You might disagree with these ‘rules’, but the best thing is to take a good look at yourslf every now and then, and decide whether its time to retire any elements of your look. It does happen! Is there anything that you’d wear no matter how old you get?

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