7 Trends to Watch out for ...

Everybody's talking about spring trends, which always makes me perk up and take notice. Some of them are so crazy that it makes them interesting – not necessarily wearable, but definitely interesting! With that in mind, here are 7 trends to watch out for in the coming seasons – even if it's only so you can beware of them!

1. Rocking It '70s Style

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Image source: refinery29.com

That singular '70s style of glam is coming back … for better or for worse. Well, it's not really that bad. Because it's a modern take, it's got a definite bohemian edge, and what glamor there is will be much more sophisticated. Shimmering, flowing dresses are going to be especially popular, and that's cool. The return of high waisted pants … not so sure about that.

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