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8 Trends I'd like to See in Fashion ...

By Alison

Do you ever find fashion annoying? I’ve never followed it because I get really fed up with being told what is in this year, what I should like, and what I should be wearing. I’m too much of an individual for that! So here are some trends that I’d like to see – I think they’d be very refreshing.

1 Realistic Models

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None of us look like catwalk and fashion models. And to be honest, would we want to? Most of us aren’t six feet tall and stick thin, so let’s see some models that reflect a more realistic image. Since we’re the customers, it’s only what we deserve.

2 All Ages

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Yes, a few models keep working past their mid-twenties, but youth is still worshipped in fashion. It’s fine to use young models if you’re marketing to that age group. If you want to sell to older women though, use models who aren’t young enough to be their daughters! Older women can look great too.


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3 Affordability

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Recession or not, most of us don’t have vast disposable incomes to blow on clothes, so it really annoys me to see ridiculously expensive clothes in publications that aren’t aimed at the rich. Let’s have more articles on affordable fashion, and clothes that won’t break the bank.

4 Individuality

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I hate looking like everyone else, and the problem with mass market fashion is that there is a high risk of seeing someone wearing the same garment. How embarrassing that is! So I’d like to see more of an emphasis on how to adapt fashion to create your ow style.

5 Less Repetition

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One trend I’d like to see less of is … trends! Seemingly every few years the nautical look is in again, or wide-legged trousers, or 80s styles. That’s not what I call innovative, in fact it’s tedious to see the same old styles back on the catwalks and then in the shops.

6 Simplicity

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It might be like trying to reinvent the wheel, but it would be good to have simpler fashions. All that bizarre stuff you see on the catwalk makes me want to laugh, as nobody looks good in it. Please, more simple but stylish clothes!

7 More Flesh

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By this I mean more flesh on the models, not on display. I’m horrified at how skinny some models are (and I say that as a thin person myself). Some of them look truly terrible, and it’s time that it stopped.

8 Fun

FunImage source:

Sometimes clothes need to be practical – who dresses up to do a messy job? However, clothes can be so much a part of our personality that I’d like to see fashion become more fun, instead of taking itself so seriously. Let’s learn to enjoy ourselves and be creative!

What are you tired of as far as fashion is concerned, and what changes would you like to see occur?

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