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The 7 Best Fashion Trends of the Decade ...

By Mercy

Some of the best fashion trends of the decade will probably remain with us for years to come due to their versatility and comfort. Before we list out some of the more enduring classics, it is important to point out that not all trends suit all body times. Venture with caution when pursuing a trend, lest it show in a less than flattering light.

Table of contents:

  1. leggings
  2. ballet flats
  3. low rise jeans
  4. fake tattoos
  5. spanx
  6. over-sized handbags
  7. thick rimmed eyewear

1 Leggings

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Until this decade, leggings were a favorite with little girls and not anyone older than 13. They exploded onto the scene towards the middle of the decade as a choice of bottom for any woman who wanted to show off her legs. They could be paired with a short dress, a long shirt or worn under a skirt, providing the wearer a chance to show off their legs without actually having to show any skin.

2 Ballet Flats

The ballet shoe became one of the best fashion trends because it provided women with some much needed comfort and femininity, which was missing on the runway for a while. Available in a host of different colors and styles, they could be paired with almost anything and added a girly touch to most outfits. I personally preferred the black gleaming variety but have seen many women rock the more colorful styles.

3 Low Rise Jeans

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Thank God for the low-rise jeans, a definite favorite for best fashion trend. Until then, we were all confined to those hideous high waist-ed ones that did nothing for our figures. With the advent of the low rise cut, we were able to conceal our unsightly flab at the midriff while at the same time make our thighs looking skinnier than ever, a winning combination if every there was one.

4 Fake Tattoos

Fake tattoos gave the rebels in us the chance to – well – rebel. Most of us didn’t want anything to do with actual tattoos, we didn’t want any kind of permanent inking on our skin, leave alone the pain associated with it. Fake tattoos saved our lives. It allowed us to add a little Goth to our lives without any long-term commitments.

5 Spanx

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Spanx provided thousands of women this decade oodles of confidence. Well designed to discretely hold in all the unsightly bulges that we hate to see, Spanx is probably the most successful entrant of the decade. It made men too start rethinking their gut, something that has hitherto seemed virtually impossible.

6 Over-sized Handbags

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While we all hated them to begin with, now we can’t do without them. Available in all types of shapes and colors, the over-sized handbag made us feel thin as we carried it on our shoulder. Some of the most memorable pieces came from the top labels and how we loved watching under-nourished models strutting their stuff with over-sized handbags.

7 Thick Rimmed Eyewear

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In the 80s and the 90’s thick black-rimmed glasses were considered the height of geekdom. This decade they are one of the best fashion trends. Suddenly, it became chic to wear thick rimmed eye-wear when reading the paper or watching TV. Everyone began catching on and today it looks like it’s here to stay.

With a new decade before us, one can only imagine what trends are going to come our way. While that remains to be seen, one thing is for sure. The 7 best fashion trends mentioned above are probably going to stick around for at least a while.

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