8 Trends on the Rise Today ...

I’m always curious about what trends are going to get started each year. Some catch on quickly, while others only seem to last a very short amount of time. I like the ones that come and go every few years. It’s always interesting to see just how many times a trend will be popular before it sticks. Certain hair trends, such as the mullet, don’t seem to want to stay in the past. But, I guess if you can pull it off, go for it! Here are 8 trends on the rise today that I have noticed.

8. Wearing Pajamas during the Day

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Photo Credit: Mandy_Jansen

I used to see people hanging out at the grocery store in their jammies and didn’t think anything of it. I myself have stopped by the store to grab some milk for my morning coffee without taking time to get dressed up. Living in a small town, it’s easy to get away with not getting all fancy to go to the store. I’ve noticed kids heading to school in their pjs too and not only during Spirit Week. I’ve even seen some donning a pair of fuzzy slippers to go with their pajama bottoms.

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