7 Winter Color Trends ...


7 Winter Color Trends ...

A new season, a new spectrum of colors! I'm not much for changing my wardrobe with each new season, but adding to it? You bet! I love seeing which colors are in at any given time because, if I like them, I know there will be tons of new clothes available (and during post-holiday sales, no less!). If you share that quirk with me, I bet you'll enjoy seeing these 7 winter color trends!

1 Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black Photo Credit:just believe

Black is back, y'all, and with a vengeance. I don't care about what anybody says. Neither pink nor beige nor white nor plaid is the new black; black will always be the new black. The only black. The classic black. Most of my clothes are black, what can I say? It's slimming!

2 White after Labor Day

White after Labor Day Photo Credit: calliebeaan

Winter white is going to be huge in the coming year, and it looks lovely. Maybe your shoes shouldn't be white (I've never followed that whole bit, though; I'll wear white shoes whenever I want to), but everything else can be. Satin white, off white, cream white, bridal white: there are more variations that you can shake a stick at, and they're all hot this winter.

3 Vamp It up in Red

Vamp It up in Red Photo Credit:tylerwetrust

To combat all those grey days, red is also hot – the hottest color in the winter spectrum, in fact. You have to be careful when wearing red though. A little bit goes a long way. Don't pair a red dress with red shoes, for instance, that's a little too much. You can also just accentuate with a scarf or a luscious red lip.

4 Yellow, Yellow, Catch a Fellow

Yellow, Yellow, Catch a Fellow Photo Credit:

I cannot wear yellow for anything, but it's a popular color this season all the same. Screaming canary yellow isn't quite the thing, but neither are the colors drab and dark. They are a little glitzy, sometimes even edging toward the outer spectrum of chartreuse – and heck, even I can dig on that.

5 Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink Photo Credit: vjane87

Yes! Pink! Bright pink, hot pink, rose pink, delicate pink: you'll find all the colors of the pink rainbow, in clothes and in makeup, not to mention shoes. Having become a huge fan of pink lately, I am very, very happy about this. There are some gorgeous shades of pink rising to popularity right now and, like red, they will take away the dreariness from those endless winter days.

6 Grey Days

Grey Days Photo Credit:zilredloh

Now, grey might seem depressing, but I assure you that it's not. You'll see it subtly metallic, or mixed with other trendy colors – like pink, red, and white. The combinations really work, but there are many pieces out there that make grey look good all buy itself.

7 Better than Beige

Better than Beige Photo Credit: brighter than sunshine

Everybody needs a neutral, and this season it's beige. Not blah, boring beige, though; on the contrary, this season you'll see a lot of warm, toasty tans that actually look really good, and mix very well with other colors. Just don't go head to toe in these shades, because that will be full of dreckitude. I cannot wait to go shopping after the holidays. It will be even better than Black Friday because I'm not saving up for presents and things. Does anyone else do that? What do you have your eye on during the post-holiday sales? Top Photo Credit: tom harle