10 Most Fashionable Nail Polishes ...


10 Most Fashionable Nail Polishes ...
10 Most Fashionable Nail Polishes ...

What better way is there to celebrate summer than painting your nails? I love nothing better then investing in new colours and making sure my toes match my clothes! Here are my top ten nail polishes, guaranteed to make smile every time you see your nails!

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Essie Nail Polish

Price: $8.00 at essie.com

The Statement:

Exceptional quality with a durable, chip-resistant formula has made Essie a favorite among top nail techs, models, editors and celebrities across the world

img.allw.mn My Opinion:

This is a long lasting polish that dries reasonably fast, and is incredibly hard to chip once it is properly dry. I love Funny Face and Cute As a Button! It paints on incredibly easily, and looks gorgeous. Definitely worth the price!


Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour Price: Price: $23.00 at Chanel.com ****

**The Statement: **

Lips and nails make a seductive statement with a collection of trend-defining shades inspired by Midemoiselle Chanel's love of the colour black.
Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour My Opinion:

This is a very classy nail polish, which applies enough in a single layer, dries fast and looks stunning. The creamy finish is enviable, and the colours are divine. Stick with creamy whites for the perfect office look and go for deep darks for those nights out!

I also couldn't but mention the limited edition from Paris-Moscou collection - the 3 fabulous nail colours I, unfortunately, wasn't able to try since they all were sold out. But don't you just love the colors? I am so smitten by Feu de Russie on the right!

If you like deep burgundy colours, you might also love these two shades from Chanel Brilliant Effects collection. The colours are: Cosmic Violine and Dazzling:


Nars Nail Polish

******Price:** $16.00 at narscosmetics.com

The Statement:

A new formula with new technology designed to improve flexibility, durability, wear and gloss properties. This longwearing formula provides a tough, durable chip-resistant finish and also has added UV protection to prevent polish discoloration.

My Opinion:
Anyone who has tried Nars polishes in the past will know that they are always good quality, but this one is amazing. The colours are stunning, it applies so easily, dries hard and unchippable and lasts forever! It even keeps its bright colour, right until you take it off. Unbeatable! The colors are so gorgeous, you'll surely find what you like. As for me, I am head over heels with their new Limited Edition Vintage 2009 shades:


Sephora Nail Colour

img.allw.mn Price: $6.00 at amazon.com

The Statement:

A complete collection of nourishing, nail strengthening treatments. Whether you prefer your nails long or short, lacquered or natural, healthy nails are your first step. Sephora's complete collection of nailcare must-haves is all you need to fortify, prep, and finish off your look.
Sephora Nail Colour My Opinion:

I LOVE the Red Light and Stormy Pink versions of this... Sephora have always been brilliant for choosing gorgeous colours. This contains vitamins to help strengthen your nails, and keep them in excellent condition, and looks divine while it's at it. And for $6, you should be able to afford all of them! Well, maybe not ALL of them, but quite a few! ;)


Zoya Nail Polish

Zoya Nail Polish Price: $6.00 at amazon.com

The Statement:

Zoya Nail Polish, the longest wearing nail polishes available for natural nails is the brainchild of Zoya Reyzis who, as a pregnant aesthetician and salon owner in 1984, realized the need for a healthier and more durable solution. Today Zoya Nail Polish is available at the finest salons and spa's worldwide and frequently receives top ratings in fashion, health, and pregnancy magazines world wide. When asked why they chose Zoya Nail Polish, most people say " Amazing Color Selection" and "...amazing wear ...nothing compares on manicures and pedicures...". Made in the USA and packaged in exclusive custom made Italian glass and fine Spanish brushes.
Zoya Nail Polish My Opinion:

Packaged in such cute little bottles, these nail polishes never fail to make me smile. The colours are so Hawaiian...check out Kiki, Jinx and Aria! The polishes are good for your nails, apply really effortlessly, and last a while. You do need two coats, though.

My other favorites are the ones from Zoe Truth Fall 09 Collection, I haven't tried them yet, but they all look so yummy, don't they?


Estee Lauder Nail Lacquer

Price: $18.00 at amazon.com

The Statement:

A luxurious new brilliance at your fingertips. Rich, glossy, quick-drying and long-wearing. Truly intense color is so shiny it looks wet--but don't be fooled.Resists chipping, even in water. Won't fade, dull or streak, even in strong sunlight.Specially designed brush shape makes application incredibly easy. Just three strokes of color--middle, left and right--and you're done. Even the bottle is striking.

My Opinion:

This is another expensive, but very worth it, polish. It’s waterproof, and is practically unchippable, so it’ll last a long time whatever colour you apply. Nails look gorgeous coated in very shiny, wet look colours, and the new brush makes it so easy to apply. Invest in your favourite colour now, you’ll use it! My very favorite one is Neiman Marcus Red - the most gorgeous red I've ever seen, unfortunately, they don't have it neither at neimanmarcus.com nor at esteelauder.com. But you will surely find it in the beauty department of an actual Neiman Marcus department store.


Opi Brights!

Opi Brights! Price: $8.50 at amazon.com

The Statement:

OPI Brights! are funky, fun and crazy bright colors that will knock your socks off! With everything from a yellow that requires sunglasses to an orange that is clearly atomic, to a silver that's sure to dazzle, this collection from OPI is for any girl that's not afraid to try something new and get some attention.

My Opinion:

If you’re looking for bright colours that are sure to grab attention, these are definitely the polishes for you. Two coats is necessary for maximum impact, but its easy to apply and quick to dry. It doesn’t chip easily, but it’s not invincible either...All in all, for the cost, it’s worth it!


Super Glow Nail Polish

Super Glow Nail Polish Price: $3.99 at amazon.com

The Statement:

Glow In The Dark Nail Polish. This gorgeous new Glow in the Dark colored nail polish will ignite your nails with a sexy, sultry glow! This nail polish applies smooth and even just like other premium nail polish leaving your nails shiny and healthy looking in your choice of 6 rich colors. The color of the nail polish shows nicely during the day, but when the lights go out your nails will glow bright in the dark for hours. To recharge the glow just expose your fingers and toes to light and your ready to go! Paint your finger nails and toe nails with salon quality glow polish. This nail polish offers pro results at home or at your salon. People will love your new glow! This paint glows very well in the dark and reacts intense under black light. This polish is 100% UV Responsive.

My Opinion:

During the day, your nails are a subdued, gorgeous tint. But at night, they are bright, sexy and daring! This is fairly easy to apply, although it’s easy to miss a bit and its very obvious at night if you have, but only one coat is necessary. Let your nails do the talking!


Dior Vernis

Dior Vernis **Price: **$20.00 at dior.com

The Statement:

The final touch to Dior makeup is a polish that combines lacquered shine and impeccable hold with a veritable beauty cure. With continued use, Dior Vernis restores vitality and helps nails grow stronger and faster, limiting breakage and striations. A color palette inspired by rich spices is an invitation on an incredible chromatic journey. Intense color combines with incredible shine to create perfection, right down to the fingertips!
My Opinion:
This is probably one of the most luxurious nail polishes out there! Boy, Dior does know how to create an impressive product package! But don't let the glossy jar fool you, inside, you'll find an even more impressive lacquer! It applies ever so smoothly and stays chip-free for so long, you'll never want to try another brand! The brush is a perfection which makes application of darker tones fun and easy even for the clumsiest of us (your author included). And the colors, well, I'll just let them speak for themselves - the ones above are the shades of the latest Dior vernis collection.


Yves Saint Laurent La Laque

img.allw.mn Price: $20.00 at ysl.com

The Statement:

La Laque Long Lasting Nail Lacquer - a nail lacquer that is both elegant and practical in its elongated glass bottle. Available in an incredible palette of shades, from the most natural to the brightest, it guarantees reinforced hold, wonderful shine, fast drying and protected nails. Limited Edition Shade #39 Stormy Grey is inspired by the grey flannel seen on the YSL Fall 2009 Ready To Wear runway.
Yves Saint Laurent La Laque My Opinion:

A friend of mine recently got this gorgeous YSL Laque and she just loves this product. Although she tried a lot of luxurious brands before, she says this nail polish tops them all! It absolutely lives up to its product description - both fast drying and long-lasting, this Laque is her very favorite (and she knows good lacquers)! And look at the colours, I am so in love with #1 Sublime Red and #5 Astral Burgundy... And which of these shades would you like to try?

And the last, but not least...
More Fashionable Nail Polishes (Suggested by Our Readers):


China Glaze

**Suggested by: **Valentine

Price: $6.50 at amazon.com


Sally Hansen

**Suggested by: **Gabriella



Price: $4.49 at amazon.com
13. ORLY
******Suggested by: **Gabriella

** img.allw.mn **

"Tiki Time" Collection

Price: $7.50 at orly.com
So now you’ve seen my top ten varnishes along with the favorites of our readers, so there’s no excuse not to have the most stunning nails around!

Have you got a favourite polish, or a colour that rocks? Please share it with me, I love getting new polishes.

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I love the OPI line, they have nice colors and stays on the nails for a long time.

I just tried the Givenchy polish and it is very good... super easy to apply and 1 layer is more than enough. Even if you paint a little out of line it will come out of your skin easily but stick to the nails. The next one i'll try is Dior's gray one. it's sooo beautiful!

i really think ORLY and sally hansen should've been there..nice collection for some though

hey thanks im using some of these brands for a science experiment. thanks for the help! ♥taylor!

It's just nailpolish...relax

Have you tried the Quick&Chic polishes by Lumene? They're great. And the're the easiest ones to apply that I've tried.

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