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7 Tips on Making Youtube Videos That Will Get Hits ...

By Aprille

Youtube is one of my favorite video websites that allows you to post and watch small clips of funny or helpful tutorials. If you want to be making videos and posting them on Youtube, you need to know how to get the most views and what you should video. Please read our 7 Tips on Making Youtube Videos that will get hits…

7 Video Program Software

Video Program Software Photo Credit: moultonstudio

First off, people don't like sloppy videos with low resolution and unclear quality. You will get bad comments or low ratings. This means you need the right software to convert the video file into that makes it a suitable format for your Youtube. You can find many programs that will help you on the Internet.

6 Video Recorder

Video Recorder Photo Credit: skykeepermy

If you take small clips of travel or funny videos, you need good sound and video. You should use a high-resolution camcorder and have good sound quality. You might have to consider buying a high priced camcorder. Also, if you take video on your computer of web tutorials, you need the right program. You will get more views with better image and good sound.

5 Produce Tons of Videos

Produce Tons of Videos Photo Credit: slimmer_jimmer

When you produce tons of videos, you get your videos around Youtube and they advertise you're other videos. This gives you more chances for views. To make more hits on your videos, you need to have tons of videos rather than a small amount.

4 More Subscribers

More Subscribers Photo Credit: juanpol

With youtube you will find that it’s a bit like twitter. You will find that the more subscribers the better, because you can post the updated videos that you just uploaded to Youtube on the main channel page. This will draw more views towards your videos and get you more hits.

3 Put Them on a Website

Put Them on a Website Photo Credit: rivahratt

You can do videos on your website by simply taking the emblem code and placing it into the html markup of your website. You can make small descriptions of the video and present it online. This is another way to get more hits to your videos.

2 Blogs

Blogs Photo Credit: seyDoggy

You can also make a free blogger website and express your feelings about your videos or other people's videos. This will add more hits to your videos. If you do repair tutorials or sell products and show videos of how they work, you can place them on the blog and get views that way.

1 Make Videos That People Want

Make Videos That People Want Photo Credit: rasenkantenstein

When you go to Youtube and search for videos, what do you search for? I search for how to blogs or some funny videos. People want funny or helpful videos. You can also make videos that help sell your product by showing how they work. You should always make videos that people like to get more hits. You can remake music, by singing it yourself. Tons of different ideas to come up with and you can find what people like by searching online.

If you start a Youtube account and want to start making videos, you should look at my help tips. I hope my tips help you make the best Youtube account yet. Do you plan on making videos on Youtube?

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