9 Ways to Enjoy Thunderstorms


9 Ways to Enjoy Thunderstorms
9 Ways to Enjoy Thunderstorms

I adore thunderstorms. I always have. I’m currently in NY visiting my parents and, as I write this, even though it is only mid-Spring, the temperature is cresting 80 degrees (what?) and the first real, honest to goodness storm of the season is gearing up and getting started. I love it most when the humidity is thick, so the rain makes everything feel cool and polished and brand new. If this is your idea of heaven too, then check out these great ways to enjoy thunderstorms!

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Go for a Walk

One of the best ways to enjoy thunderstorms is to go for a walk – but only when it’s safe, of course. You should obviously avoid lightning at all costs, but you can still have fun in a thunderstorm by taking a walk. Typically I wait until it is winding down, when there’s thunder in the distance but the lightning has stopped, or at least moved far away. There’s nothing like the air just then, especially if it’s cooled down after a hot spell.


Sit on the Porch

As a Southern girl, I come from a very long line of porch sitters. My family turned it into an art form. Typically we prefer cold beers or iced tea to mint juleps, but the idea is still the same. Again, as long as it’s safe to do so, there’s nothing I love better than lounging on the porch, either by myself or with the people I love, to watch a storm kick up dickens. It’s just so beautiful, and there’s something both calming and electrifying about the experience.


Read a Good Book

Wherever you are, one of the best ways to enjoy thunderstorms, for me, involves curling up with one of my favorite books. I love reading to the soundtrack of raindrops on the roof and thunder in the background. If it’s a thriller, then so much the better – that’s the best way to get goosebumps!


Tell Some Scary Stories

Of course, you don’t necessarily have to read a story. You can tell some great ones too, especially if you’re sharing the storm with people you love. I adore spooky stories during a wicked thunderstorm – especially if the lights go out! This happened frequently when I was a little girl growing up in WV, and I still have delicious nightmares from some of the gems my grandpa told me!


Track It

My dad loves to follow storms. He doesn’t do it with tornadoes and hurricanes or anything like that, but he used to like to follow the progress of electric and thunderstorms, and I frequently went with him. The sight is just amazing, especially if it’s going on toward dusk, and you’re just able to see the sun break through the clouds before it gets dark.


Listen to It

Sometimes, all you really want to do is listen to the storm rage outside. I’ve especially always loved the sound of rain on a tin roof. Listening to the bang of thunder and the drumming of the rain has always been strangely soothing. Failing all else, I’m always just happy to lay back and listen to the symphony.


Light Candles

Whether the power goes out or not, one of the best ways to enjoy thunderstorms is to completely let yourself focus on the storm by turning out the lights and lighting candles. It makes a great atmosphere for those spooky stories – or a romantic one if you and your partner want to enjoy the storm together. The combination of lightning strobes and flickering candlelight is beautifully surreal.


Cuddle up

Whether you’re cuddling up with a book, a blanket, a pet, or your lover, this is a great way to enjoy a storm. There’s something incredibly cozy about this option, and with the right person, it can be quite romantic as well. It’s wonderful to fall asleep in someone’s arms while you’re listening to the rain beat down outside.


Throw Open the Windows

As long as you have screens to protect your home from the rain, this is a great way to pay proper homage to a storm. All that clean, cool, electrified air pouring in through the windows is just delicious. Plus, I don’t know about you, but I love to sit by an open window and let the rain lightly spray my face.

Mind you, these are just some of the ways to enjoy thunderstorms that appeal to me. I bet you have plenty of fantastic ideas too. So, how do you weather this kind of weather?

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Actually, it is NOT a good idea to open windows during a thunder and lightning storm, or talking on the phone, or doing anything with water, like washing dishes, bathing, showering, etc. These acts may add to lightning striking the house and injuring you. My friend's cousin was struck by lightning and killed, while stepping out of her car (into a puddle of water) when picking up her daughter from school. Water is a conductor of electricity. That is the reason why the lifeguards chase everyone out of the water during lightning and thunder storm, and sporting events are also halted. Please go online and read up more about your safety during a lighting and thunder.

When its just a light drizzle or a little heavier with no lightning, i grab my iPod and go out in the terrace and go for a walk, and I know this sounds crazy but my wishes made at that time, come true.

When I was little we turn off all the lights, take all the pillow off the couch, and plop down as a family in front of our sliding glass doors to watch the thurnder storm. It was an event.

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