10 Words You've Never Heard of ...


10 Words You've Never Heard of ...
10 Words You've Never Heard of ...

I like to think that I have a pretty extensive vocabulary. In fact, I often come out with words that make people ask ‘what does that mean?’. Still, English has more words than even I can ever memorize, and occasionally I come across one that has me reaching for the dictionary. Here are some weird and wonderful words to enrich your vocabulary …

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I definitely have a bad case of logolepsy. A very bad case indeed. Chronic and incurable, I’m afraid. But before you start worrying about the state of my health (or sanity), I’ll explain that it means ‘an obsession with words’. Yes, I’m a logolept. I’m just fascinated by words.



Quadrivoltine Photo Credit: mela.de.gypsie

I think any woman who has ever had a baby will be very glad indeed that she’s not quadrivoltine, given that it means ‘producing four broods in a year’. Imagine being THAT fertile …



The next time that a boyfriend cheats on you, a friend lets you down or a shopkeeper tries to cheat you, just cry ‘you fedifragous creature!’. This is guaranteed to leave them gaping at you wondering what the hell you just said, and you can make your exit having had the last (obscure) word. Which, by the way, means ‘deceitful’ or ‘treacherous’.



Boanthropy Photo Credit: MiqsPix

Let us hope that no man in our lives ever suffers from this unfortunate condition. If he does, he will be under the delusion that he is a ox. Although that could have its uses – you could hire him out to do heavy work.



Ever had one of those mornings when you just feel sooo testudineous? I feel testudineous just about every morning. In fact, you probably do as well. Who doesn’t feel ‘slow, like a tortoise’ when they drag themselves out of bed?



Knissomancy Photo Credit: Vanessa Pike-Russell

Who needs horoscopes, tarot or tea-leaves? If you wish to know your future, take up the ancient (possibly) art of knissomancy (don’t forget the silent ‘k’) and burn some incense to tell your future.



Dasypygal Photo Credit: per_andersen

Imagine this … you meet the man of your dreams, perfect in every way. Except for one thing … he turns out to be dasypygal. Yup, those hairy buttocks are definitely a deal-breaker.



Have you ever xertzed? You haven’t? Are you sure? You can only say that with honesty if you have never, ever gulped something down quickly.



I think I might obambulate a little around the neighborhood this afternoon. Fear not, I will not be arrested for my obambulation. I’ll just be taking a stroll and wandering around.



Haptodysphoria Photo Credit: Bruce Tuten

Now I can understand this one. I prefer nectarines to peaches for this very reason. Cryptic? Not when you know (which you wouldn’t have done before reading this) that haptodysphoria means ‘an unpleasant sensation felt when touching peaches’. It’s that fuzzy skin …

Well, I hope you’ve learnt some interesting words there, and that you get the chance to confuse people by inserting them into the conversation. Are there any weird words that you love?

Top Photo Credit: Joker 74

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TMI..........enjoyed a lot. learning always gives me high........sounds geeky.

number 10 is so... specific. where do people come up with these words??? the English language is so strange...

wow those are some weird words!

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