8 Historical Figures I'd Love to Meet ...


8 Historical Figures I'd Love to Meet ...
8 Historical Figures I'd Love to Meet ...

I’m a big history buff (yeah, so you found it was boring at school. That’s because of how it was taught!). There are some people I’d just love to meet, and find out what they were really like.

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Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn Foxy chick who came from nowhere to marry Henry VIII of England. Smart, sassy and ballsy. Met an unfortunate end when Henry got fed up with her, and the Tudor court was a bit boring until …

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… Elizabeth I Became Queen

… Elizabeth I Became Queen Elizabeth was Anne’s daughter by Henry, and just as ballsy as her mother.

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Richard III

Richard III King of England for a couple of years, before being betrayed and killed in battle by Henry Tudor, Henry VIII’s father. Unfairly maligned by history and Shakespeare. I’d like to be able to drop him a few hints on how to win, although then we wouldn’t have had the Tudor dynasty, which means no Elizabeth I … drat.

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Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde I’d adore an evening of verbal jousting with the master of wit.

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Eleanor of Acquitaine

Eleanor of Acquitaine Married totwo kings, a duchess in her own right, crusader and all-round adventurous character. Worth a trip back to the 12th century to meet.


Edward, the Black Prince

Edward, the Black Prince I always rather fancied the Black Prince whenever I read about him. The dashing victor of Crecy (14th century battle) just seemed so … fanciable. Shame about the 600 yearage gap.

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Noel Coward

Noel Coward Every bit as witty as Oscar Wilde. I’d love to get Coward to dash off a song or play just for me.

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Prince Rupert of the Rhine

Prince Rupert of the Rhine Another dashing military leader. Cousin of Charles II. Fancied him even more than I fancied the Black Prince, if that’s possible.

Which historical figures would you like to meet? What would you say to them?

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My list would include Shakespeare, Einstein, Gandhi, Alexander the Great and Hitler (although he'd have to be handcuffed first)

1. William Shakespeare: As far as I'm concerned, he's the father of all modern literature. (And creator of realistic characters.) 2. Vincent van Gogh: Absolutely amazing artist, also incredibly tortured. He lived a hard life and people were unappreciative of his work. 3. Edgar Allan Poe: His death is a mystery and he was a very strange man, though immensely talented. 4. The real Hamlet: Wouldn't you like to know what really happened and who the players were? 5. Elizabeth I: She was awesome, no doubt. 6. Oscar Wilde: Oh, I concur. And that whole mess with his trials. Brilliant and heart-breaking. 7. Audrey Hepburn: Does she count? Singularly spectacular actress and really cool person. 8. Sigmund Freud: There are many other theorists/intellectuals/psychiatrists/psychologists/doctors I like and admire, but I'd really love to know how serious the man was with all of his stuff. Wow. And a really close one/alternate would be Sylvia Plath, much for the same reasons as van Gogh and Poe.

1. Albert Einstein - he seems to have understood the bigger picture. We remember him for his science - he was also a thought leader - would love to pick his brains on just about everything. 2. Freuds parents - would love to hear their views on some of his theories namely the oedipus complex. 3. Anna Freud - would love to know what Freud was as a parent 4. Winston Churchills and his mother - would love to have watched them interact with each other. 5. One or two members of Hitlers immediate family, I wonder if they shared his views and their take on it. 6. Plato - he has influenced western philosophy and yet was so eastern in his thoughts. Would love to know if he had studied Buddhism 7. Peggy Guggenheim - she seemed like such fun

1, audrey hepburn 2, john lennon 3, anne boleyn 4, donatonna 5, queen victoria 6, marie antoinette 7, jane austin 8, ghandi

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