8 Weird Inventions ...


8 Weird Inventions ...
8 Weird Inventions ...

From modern and totally jaw-dropping to plain weird, inventions have always been a favorite conversation topic. Well, today, we’re going to talk about those too, minus the modern, jaw-dropping and oh-I-must-have-it-too part. Yup, I’m about to present you some really weird inventions you probably have never and will never need. But hey, it’s just for the laughs anyways, so here we go:

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Stick of Butter

Buttering your toast has never been easier! Japanese are very popular for their weird inventions but, if you ask me, this one is far from weird. In fact, it’s actually quite useful! All you need is your very own butter stick and voila – you can now eat your toast anywhere.


USB Dildo

Okay… this definitely falls under the “weird inventions” category. I mean, why would anybody need a USB dildo? I doubt the Ad goes anything like, “in case you ever get bored at work…”, but hey, you never know. In this crazy world, anything is possible.


Ten in One Gardening Tool

It looks very interesting although I doubt any gardener will ever find it useful. This special, 10 in 1 tool basically looks like a really large Swiss knife containing a shovel, fork, pickaxe, something that looks like a crowbar and a bunch of other stuff I’ve never seen or heard about before. It will definitely keep your shed looking neat although the use of such instrument might prove to be quite tricky.


Duster Cat Slippers

Cats usually make mess but with these revolutionary, not to mention quite strange, slippers, your cat can become your little maid. Now, I can’t guarantee she’ll like it but, hey, maybe it’s worth the shot. Honestly, if I were a cat, I certainly wouldn’t like to be forced to wear slippers, yet alone slippers with little dusting pom-poms attached.


Boyfriend Pillow

Miss your boyfriend? Yeah, I know the feeling and I certainly understand the instant insomnia most people get when they try to fall asleep without their loved one. Well, we now have another Japanese invention to help us survive those long lonely nights and it’s called the Boyfriend Pillow. It’s basically a regular pillow and the only strange thing about it is its half-torso-and-an-arm shape and the accompanying male shirt pillowcase. It’s actually quite cool!


Viagra’s Chewable Competitor

Ugh-oh! I’m afraid Viagra won’t be so popular once people find out there is a gum that can enhance sexual performance! Yup, Japanese have thought of that too so we have them to thank for not one but two versions of this magical and supposedly effective product. Gum designed for men helps them perform better while the one formulated for women promises to make them more attractive. I somehow doubt any major pharmaceutical company would be willing to back this up but hey… that’s business- tell the people what they want to hear and charge them for it!


Teenager Repellent

Hahaha! Want some more weird inventions? Well, check out this one! I mean, I knew being a teenager sucks, I’ve been there myself, but I never thought teens will end up being compared to mosquitoes. The “teen repellent” is a device that emits high frequency noise audible to teens only and prevents the so-called “anti social behavior” that might occur in malls and various shops (read: favorite gathering places of all teens) Interesting, huh?


Washing Machine for Pets

You know that Tom&Jerry episode when Tom gets stuck in the washing machine only to come out looking like a giant gray floating pouf? Well, I doubt your pets will ever master the art of levitation but this machine could actually help you get them all nice, soft and clean without breaking a sweat…. Providing that your pet doesn’t have claustrophobia, of course! Although quite bulky, the invention isn’t so bad at all – the machine features a touch panel with a lot of cool options to make sure your pet’s bath receives a clean 10 on the 1 to 10 scale of up-scale pet treatments.

Do you know of some weird inventions, too? I could find the butter stick useful, which unfortunately can’t be said for USB dildo, chewable beautifying gum or that chunky 10 in 1 gardening tool. Sorry, but gardening was never my thing and the same goes for intimate computer accessories.

Top Photo Credit: Buglugs

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LOL! Are these real? I've heard of a "boyfriend pillow" but... A pet-washing-machine? Yeah, there not real are they.


Some pics would have really helped this post

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