7 Unbelievable Words Now in the OED ...

I remember when the Oxford English Dictionary was considered kind of prestigious, you know? I mean, it still is, I suppose, especially for pretentious wordsmiths (ahem, don't judge me), but the recent influx of words and definitions allowed into its hallowed pages are … wow. Just … wow. I'm pretty sure it all started when teenagers invaded the internet and took over the language (no offense, guys; I know not all of you spell “like” as “lyk,” and I love you for it), but language evolves and we all have to live with it, I guess. Still … there are some pretty unbelievable words now in the OED.

1. Sexting

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If they're going to allow “texting,” I guess they have to allow “sexting.” I mean, my spell check doesn't recognize either of them, but maybe it's just stupid. I admit that the word has found a very … er … important place in our day to day vocabulary, but getting admitted into the OED? Really?

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