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Should You Wear Hair Accessories

By Mabelle

I vaguely remember one "Sex and the City" episode when Carrie saw this woman who was wearing a scrungee and acted like it was a major fashion crime. I wondered then whether it is advisable for women to lay off the hair accessories when going out - or is it just women of a certain age who will be charged with a fashion crime when seen wearing hair accessories in public?

I looked it up online and found out that there is nothing wrong with wearing hair accessories, no matter what your age is. Hair accessories can also be worn with any hair type, texture and color. I guess it's just a matter of choosing the right hair accessories to match the occasion, your hair style and your outfit.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can use hair accessories to get that instant styling that you would otherwise pay for in a salon. Using a hair comb or Oriental hair sticks, you can hold your hair in an elegant French twist. Choose an appropriately designed barrette to hold back your hair and keep it away from your face. Instead of a scrungee, you can use decorative hair elastics. Finally, use funky headbands which match the color of your top or your bag to give you that color-coordinated look.

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