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Are You Single and Loving It or Not

By Mabelle

Here's an interesting article from WebMD, which asks whether women are better off single **– and if they are **loving **their blessedly **single status. Some people say that marriage is no magic bullet for happiness, but medical studies reveal otherwise.

Married people are **happier **and **healthier **than single women.

"The pressure to marry is even greater than ever, says Bella M. DePaulo, PhD, social psychologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and author of the book Singled Out.

It's an old-fashioned message, that you're better off if you find a man…It's this idea that you can be single, have your big career and all your friends, but that's not the route to happiness, it's not deep or meaningful like marriage is. That's ridiculous. The best friendships often last longer than marriages ... you don't have ridiculous expectations of your friends like you do a spouse.

It's true that a lot of women are dreaming of finding Mr. Right and walking down the aisle – but I agree that it should not be the perfect measurement **for **happiness. If you're perfectly happy with your blessedly single status – what's there to complain about?
I'm single and I'm loving it! **

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