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Do You Believe That Naomi Actually Cares about Kids

By Jessica

If a picture’s **worth a thousand **words, then please take a look first at these ultra-nice pictures of Naomi Campbell.

...To make us think she's actually a decent person by visiting **a **children's hospital **(along with model **Tyson Beckford) over in Africa **before the **THISDAY Africa rising festival **over in **Lagos, Nigeria - girlfriend has the worst reputation around and obviously is doing major damage control **with **photo opportunities of herself posed with needy children - I do not buy Naomi Campbell’s new act one bit!
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This 38-year old English supermodel, singer, author and fashion **designer have had too many **outbursts **in the past. Her **diva-like behavior actually started being recorded and reported in the news in the year 2000, when she pleaded guilty to an assault case filed by Georgina Galanis, her assistant back then.

Apparently, Naomi assaulted Galanis using a phone in a hotel room, and she was also threatened **to be thrown out of a moving car. A string of **violent incidents followed that which just goes to show how Naomi’s diva-like tantrums can result to many complaints **and **lawsuits.

So what is the reason **behind her seemingly **resentful attitude towards the world? Based from a CNN report, the supermodel **blames her temper on “lingering **resentment **toward her **father **for **abandoning **her as a **child.”

Nice try, but other people have more traumatic experiences that than and they did not all turn out to be cellphone-throwing divas!

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