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Is There Really Such a Thing as a Low-Fat Ice Cream

By Mabelle

Aside from diamonds, ice cream and chocolates are also a girl's best friend. A really sinful, calorie-rich, diet-bursting pint of chocolate ice cream can do wonders for me.

When I'm PMS'ing, when my boyfriend and I had a fight, when I'm watching a romantic movie by my lonesome or when I'm mulling over the fact that I (still) do not know what to do with my life - that ice cream container in the freezer is there as a pick-me-up.

But what the heck would it do to your diet if everytime you're feeling the blues, you have to feel all guilty because of the calories that you’re consuming?

Fortunately, there are low-fat ice cream brands which taste just as good - minus all that fat. The scoop on low-fat ice cream is that they are bursting with flavor, they have a rich, velvety texture, and the best part is - you can enjoy its full, **ice-creamy taste without the fat! **

Here are some **mouth-wateringly creamy, low fat ice cream **brands that you can try:

• **Marks & Spencer Healthy Option, Zingy Raspberry Revolution **
(115 calories/100 grams)

Waitrose Seriously Creamy Passionfruit Iced Dessert
(139 calories/100 grams)

• **Ben & Jerry's Jamaican Me Crazy Sorbet **
(105 calories/100 grams)

• **Yeo Valley Organic Frozen Creamy Yoghurt **
(140 calories/100 grams)

• **Skinny Cow Completely Mintal **
(170 calories/100 grams)

• **Asda's Good for you Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream **
(155 calories/100 grams)

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