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When Shyness Attacks

By Samantha

This is something that each one of us has dealt with at one point in our lives **or another: **shyness. Whether you are an awkward teen with acne **who cannot walk into a room full of people - or if you’re already an **adult **who’s full of **insecurities **because of the **experiences **that you have gone through - it’s always puzzling how people get that **‘shyness attack’.

Here’s an article from which discusses the what’s, how’s and why’s of shyness:

The part about the 3 components of **shyness **is especially interesting.

Excessive Self-Consciousness - you are overly **aware **of yourself, particularly in **social **situations.

Excessive Negative Self-Evaluation - you tend to see yourself negatively.

Excessive Negative Self-Preoccupation - you tend to pay too much **attention **to all the things you are doing wrong when you are **around **other people.

-Think Simple Now
That’s according to Dr. Bernardo Carducci of the Shyness Research Institute. Next, up, the article gives us a deeper insight into the reasons **behind the **shyness **that we feel. First, there’s a **weak self-image. This probably applies to teens **who are in their **awkward stage, who have high school life to deal with. The two other culprits behind shyness is pre-occupation with one’s self and labeling.

So how are the poor, shy souls supposed to do overcome the shyness attacks? There are 20 steps to overcome shyness which are detailed in the article, but the most notable ones are:
• Understand your shyness.
• Find your strengths
• Learn to like yourself.
• Practice being in ‘uncomfortable’ situations
• Seek and record your successes
Such tips are really useful so that the next time that those nerves attack, you know what to do and how to deal with the situation.

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