Why Am I Attracted to You?


Why Am I Attracted to You?
Why Am I Attracted to You?

**By Johanna Spalding **

Have you ever really wondered what it is that attracts you to someone? Was it the cut of a muscle, a sparkle in the eyes, or maybe beautiful lips that curved into a smile? Was it? Are you sure? Maybe that caught your attention originally, but what was it that brought you back for more?

I know that an attractive face or body may catch my attention. I also know that I have the ability to be attracted to someone that I may have never laid eyes on.

Attraction is so much more than the physical, granted I think the physical has to be there as well.

True attraction is energy to energy, mind to mind, and body to body. It is all encompassing. There must be something more; something that reaches out and stirs the spirit. It can be different with every single person or maybe there is some underlying trait that is always the same.

So I am wondering what are you attracted to? What truly attracts you? Think about it, mull it over and once you have an answer decide if you sure that it is really what you are looking for. Are you finding it? Part of getting what you want is to know what it is you are after in the first place.

So do a bit of soul searching. Write down what it is you want. Do not let yourself settle for less than you deserve. While you are at it, treat yourself. Go on a date with yourself. Do all the things you like. Do not wait for someone else to do it for you. Allow a little love and kindness into your life starting by loving yourself.

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"Go on a date with yourself",most lonely people already have before you suggested it. Do you have any more sage advice?

Well the guy Im head over heels for...we dated in high scool and I remember the first time we walked into the room clear as a bell. he wasnt cocky about it but he wasnt lazy and slouchy which says alot in a 5th period art class. I also remember the first time I seen this man smoke. I'm not a smoker nor have I ever liked a smoker before but something about him when he smokes makes my blood run hot. Now Ive been hanging out with him for the first time in years and hes different but some things never change the way he walks and how he smokes hasnt.

I think im starting to like this guy i work with. And i feel attracted to him alot. Hes very funny.! I love talking to him Hes not exactly muscular.(he could probably even lose a few pounds) But i do find him attractive for some reason. I love when he works the same shift as me. I actually look forward to it. Hes not really the smartest person ever. But he smokes and i find that very attractive as well. I can never stop thinking about him. And i just always wanna be with him. But ive never liked a guy like him. Im so confused as to why im soo attracted him.!

The guy i like at the moment is someone who I shouldn't be attracted to but I am! But when we are with friends he is completely different with each other but when we are together...he is different with me...think I'm starting to like him too much..but if I tell him that i like him to much what would happen?....personally I think it would put him off xx

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