Don't Look Back... or Should You?

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Don't Look Back... or Should You?

** By Rita Wesley **

Have you ever looked back on your past loves and wondered, what if? I think I know every woman's the answer to that question, but lately it's been on my brain.

I've been in a loving relationship for a little over 3 years now, but I can't help but wonder sometimes, what if?**guy During college (5 years ago), I "dated" a guy who was then the hottest guy in school, we maintained a friendship throughout the years, well a friendship mixed with **I'm in love with you but we never sealed the deal. Well, now he is the hottest guy on the celebrity blogs and women all around the world are drooling over his pecks, and I can't help but wonder, what if I decided to be with him? What would my life be like? Where would I work? Would I be married? How much more fabulous would my life be had I been with him? Basically, What am I missing?

This question goes with so many other exes, the Harvard business school grad, the non-ambitious college boyfriend and the sexy lawyer I dated for two weeks. So, I say all of this to say, there was a reason why those relationships never panned out, and the reasons are too far gone to remember which is why I wonder what if.

As a message to all women out there, DON'T LOOK BACK...LOOK FORWARD. The man you let go years ago is still the same man with the same flaws you couldn't deal with in the first place, so technically you aren't missing anything.

Of course I'm speaking in my special circumstances only. So I would love to hear from the ladies out there. Do you ever wonder what if and have you ever pursued your curiosity?

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i look back and actually even now im still under his shadow. this has been on going for 5 years and i cant help my self getting over him.. im just one of those few are are into Don’t Look Back… Or, Should You?

Oh, dear Al, I am sorry it got complicated for you guys, but hey, that's what life is all about, at least you two know that you are meant to be together and you will not have any "what-if's" in the future! PS: Dear Rita, I think every woman once in a while thinks about the past, the ex's and about what it could be like... I know I do... sometimes... but then, as you said, I think of the reasons why things did not work out and move on! A good friend of mine recently confessed she's been trying to get hold of her ex, although she is happily married and had a cute baby boy a year ago... She said she saw a dream about her ex and can not get him out of her head ever since, although, she knows that he definitely does not measure up to her husband or her lifestyle... I have this theory that all these "what-if's" are caused by lack of a real closure to our previous relationships. We did split up, but we never said all we wanted to say to those partners and neither we heard their thoughts on it... that's probably what haunts us... not the ex-boyfriends and what it could be like, but the not-completely-figured-out adieus...

I looked back..and pursued it because i couldnt get him out of my mind for 3 years. He proposed 3 years ago and i knocked him back, he proposed again 2 months ago..and i said yes. The problem? He's married.