Will You Marry a Man with Bad Genes?

Man with bad genes: "Will you marry me?"
Woman: "Let's see… does your family have a history of (medical condition1)?"
Man with bad genes: "No. Will you marry me?"
Woman: "Wait… how about (medical condition2)?"
Man with bad genes: "Uh - I don’t think so. Will you marry me?"
Woman: "Can we wait until I speak to a geneticist first?"

This dialogue perfectly describes the dilemma ****of a woman who can't seem to say yes every time her boyfriend asks her to marry him - because he has a number of hereditary conditions. She's afraid that their future child will 'catch' whatever** medical condition her boyfriend has to live with. So her guy feels sort of rejected, but he **doesn't have a clue why she keeps on saying no!

My take on this is - if you really love him, you have to let him know about why you're hesitating. What if he thinks that the only reason you're saying no is because the rock on the ring that he's offering you is not too big?

He deserves to be in the know about why you're reluctant to say yes to his marriage proposal. What if you're fears are unfounded, and there's a really slim chance that your child will **inherit **whatever medical condition it is that he supposedly has?

Will you sacrifice your future happiness or unhappiness because you're too chicken to voice out how you really feel?

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