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Is Sex the Secret behind Will Smith's Success

By Samantha

When you ask a ‘typical’ Hollywood **star what their **secret to success is, hard work is the usual answer. This is not true in the case of superstar Will Smith, however.

It seems the secret to Will Smith's happiness, healthy Hollywood marriage and box-office success is pretty simple.

"Lots of sex," he told Pop Tarts at Monday's "**Hancock**" premiere. "All the time, every day. Just lots of sex keeps me goin' good."

-Fox News
However, it was not a case of love-at-first sight for the 39-year old actor.

"I was very interested that first night, but I was in a bizarre mental space," he said. "Three months into it we were at her mom's house and it just hit me. I looked at her and just knew this was it."

His wife, on the other hand, knew that Will “was the one right away.”

That Jada Pinkett-Smith is one lucky woman. Or is it the other way around? =)
Jada and Will got married last 1997, and they have two children who are already famous in their own right. Jaden Christopher Syre, who was born in 1998, co-starred with his dad in the touching flick “**The Pursuit of Happyness**”. Willow Camille Reign, who was born in 2000, co-starred with Will in the 2007 blockbuster hit “**I Am Legend**” as Marley Neville.

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