The Biggest Names Making Caricatures of Themselves ...

By Lyndsie

The Biggest Names Making Caricatures of Themselves ...

You know, there are a lot of big-name guys out there in celebrity land, some of them famous for their acting, others for their music, still others for things like their money making capabilities and their hair. Even if they're humble, you know they probably think highly of themselves. That's no bad thing at all -- at least, not necessarily. Still, it's still funny to see guys like that make characters of themselves. More to the point, it's even funnier to see someone else make caricatures of them. Haha, get it? Anyway, Jason Seiler is an amazingly talented artist who's taken on some of the hottest names (and the biggest heads) in celeb-land. Take a look!
First up, here's the full size version of the top photo -- our most beloved Johnny Depp! The most awesome thing about this? You just know Johnny's got the sense of humor to appreciate his caricature.
Leo's hair actually looks really good in this.
I'ma let you finish in a minute, I just want to say that Kanye's got one of the greatest caricatures of all time.
You know what? This speaks for itself.
Forget the moves like Jagger, what about those lips?
Ah, Axl.

So what do you think? Jason Seiler's got some serious (and seriously hilarious) talent, yeah? To see more of his work, check out his editorial photos and his portraits!

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Mick Jagger looks like Steven Tyler in this... :P