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Stamp collecting or the science of philately is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. There are over 20 million stamp collectors in the US alone and many more worldwide. Today it is a well-established phenomenon more than just a simple hobby with an entire industry existing to support this interest. Here are 8 reasons why people collect stamps.

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For the Joy of Collecting

Some people enjoy the sense of satisfaction associated with collecting. They pursue their stamp building collection as it gives them a sense of joy to know that they are adding to their hobby each day.


For the Price Value

Stamp collecting can be a profitable venture. There are many enthusiasts today that will pay top dollar for a rare or extremely old stamp. Some get sold for thousands of dollars in prestigious auctions. This is a valid reason why some people take up this hobby. It is a wise investment with prospects of excellent return.


The thrill of the hunt for a valuable stamp can be quite exhilarating. As you expand your collection, you learn to spot the potential gems amid more common issues. The rarity, condition, and historical significance of a stamp can greatly increase its worth. Some collectors have even found stamps in old letters or inherited collections that turned out to be small fortunes. Just imagine unearthing a stamp that equals a down payment on a house or a luxurious vacation! It’s this potential for financial gain that adds an extra layer of excitement to stamp collecting.


For the Pride of Building a Comprehensive Collection

Some stamp collectors enjoy pursuing this hobby because it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment as they put together a comprehensive collection of varied stamps from different parts of the world. They enjoy browsing through their philately books and reviewing some of the entrants they have collected over time.


To Meet People with a Common Interest

Stamp collecting is also an excellent way to meet people who share a common interest. It may not be the reason you began the hobby but as you continue to pursue it, you will find a number of people online or in the community who share your passion and this common interest can build strong friendships.


To Further an Existing Interest

There are some stamp collectors who pursue this hobby as a link to another interest. For example, an interest in Royal families could spurn an interest in collecting stamps with pictures of the Royals. They could build their entire collection around this single subject.


To Take Forward Something That Was Handed down

A lot of stamp collectors weren’t originally interested in this hobby until they inherited it from an elderly loved one. In such cases, the collection is already established and the collectors decide to take it forward after getting inspired by the effort and hard work that went into getting it that far.


To Learn and Understand about Different Cultures

Stamps are designed and created by each nation to get mail from place to place. There are a large number of collectors who have pursued the interest because they want to learn more about the priorities and values of other countries and cultures. These collectors work specifically on obtaining international stamps.


To Have a Personal Passion

Ultimately if you have a stamp collection, it is your own personal hobby and passion that you are pursuing. It is something that can keep you motivated for years particularly when you reach your retirement years, a time when you may find yourself a shade less occupied than usual.

Stamp collecting is a hobby that has captured the imagination of a number of people worldwide. Hopefully it will continue to be a popular passion as we enter the digital age of correspondence.

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