8 Reasons I Love Sports Cars ...


8 Reasons I Love Sports Cars ...
8 Reasons I Love Sports Cars ...

Yet again my favorite subject and I would like to give you the reasons why I love sport cars. Sport cars are loved by millions of people and sometimes can be misused. You should always drive safe and responsible when you own one of these nice cars, because who would want to mess up the neat interior or exterior. Also, for your own safety and the people around you of course! Here is my 8 Reasons I Love Sports Cars …

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Performance of the Engine amazes me with sport cars. Not just the kick back in the seat, but the braking and turning. Turning on the dime and braking when needed is a must for all sports cars. Some sports cars have decelerators to help them slow down faster for fast stopping.


Waxing the Car

The fun part is waxing the car! Sports cars need to look nice and Turtle wax is the way to go. However, I use the expensive type of wax. Buffing and shinning the car to reflect the sunlight is fun to me. That’s kind of weird, but I like the effect and knowing I take care of my sports car.



My husband does the tuning to our sports car and boy does he know how to tune. The car runs like a beast! However, lots of money goes into sport cars to keep them maintain, but that’s an expense I don’t mind paying. There also easy to tune and change oil.


The Engine Chrome

Certain parts of the engine can be changed to chrome and that’s a neat look for the engine. This makes me fall in love with it automatically. There is shinning chrome that can make the parts look awesome.


The Sound

Sports car can make a lot of noise, but it can sound really neat. Most trucks have cherry bombs that make loud noise, but that’s for show. Sports cars have that sound because of pure power.


Tires Roasting

Nothing like starting off at a red light and roasting the tires! What a rush, but try to be careful and try to do it when no one is around. You can easily run into the car next to you. This isn’t good for your tires by the way, so try not to abuse it.



Car part mod’s for sport type cars are endless. You can buy a sport microchip for more performance. You also can add cold air intake that helps the car provide more power. This also helps overheating of the engine and allows the car to breath better. You also can put a sports transmission in or sports muffler. This helps performance, but lowers gas mileage. It’s an sports car, so who cares!


The Entire Look and Feel

Sports car has a particular look that I like. The ford mustang is one of my favorite cars to drive and it looks good. The feel of the car also makes me want to drive it more and be dependent on it. The interior of most sport cars is can be small, but that makes up in performance. The outside also makes me love them even more.

Sports cars have been famous by millions of hobbyist or even normal people. They are putting more power on the market and I can’t wait to see the 2013 mustang! Do you have a sports car; you would like to talk about?

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the sound gives me a high.

The sound is just amazing.:)

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