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10 Television Shows You Have to Stay Tuned to

By Melanie

I am not much of a television person, but I still have a couple of shows that I like to follow. Does that make sense? I try not to get too attached to too many shows, because I do not have time to tune in at all hours of the day. Below, I am going to give you the top 10 television shows you have to stay tuned to…

10 House

This is one of my favorite shows! We all need to have a dose of really smart doctors! At times, he seems more like a psychic to me. The way he is able to read people and diagnose them is amazing.

9 Monk

Okay, so we have a smart doctor, we have to have a smart detective too! Monk is not just any detective, he is a detective that is dealing with OCD. Well, I guess we have something in common!

8 Hannah Montana

Okay, we have House, Monk and now, we have to have a country girl. The season finale of Hannah Montana is showing. It is sadly about to come to an end. Don't worry, because I am sure there will be plenty of reruns in the future. My daughter really likes her and I must say, she really does have a good choice.

7 Law and Order

If you have a love for law, then law and order would be a great show for you. I'm not too much into this show, but I do have a thing for law type shows. Have you ever watched this?

6 The Office

Okay, at first, when I saw the Office, I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, however, by the time the show ended, I couldn't wait to watch the second show. It's neat following people through the real office type setting. I think it's a funny show.

5 Everybody Loves Raymond

Many of the situations that are on this show are based on those real-life experiences of the lead actor Ray Romano, the show's writing staff and creator/producer Phil Rosenthal. I am not a big fan of this show, but I have many friends that love it.

4 American Idol

Okay, we have to have a dose of talented (or untalented) singing on television by real life people living in the USA! We have to get a dose of Simon giving his bullheaded advice! So, American Idol is a must see!

3 Married with Children

I think this one is funny. You have to love watching what it's like to be married to a shoe salesman! Okay, so this may not be a dream to be a housewife, broke and married to a shoe salesman, but it is still funny to watch!

2 Rachel Ray

Okay, if you want a dose of cooking along with some real life advice, then you cannot miss the Rachel Ray show. I like watching this show every morning, but sometimes, they do have some stuff that isn't worth watching.

1 The Young and the Restless

I can't pass up watching the Newman's battle it out with the Abbots! I remember starting to watch this show at a very young age. It's just something that pulls you in. It's the one show out of them all that I stay tuned with. If I miss a week, then I just watch it on when I have free time.

Those are the top 10 television shows that you have to stay tuned to. House, Monk and the Young and the Restless are my favorite, but out of those, the Young and the Restless is my all time favorite. What about you? Which ones do you like?

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