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6 Things to Love about How I Met Your Mother ...

By Meream

How I Met Your Mother is one of my favorite shows right now. Running on its 6th season now, this show never fails to bring on the laughs and "awws". In case you are not as big a fan as I am, I will give you 6 reasons to love this comedy program.

1 It's about Love

It's about LoveIt's a show about love --- finding it and celebrating it. This type of show will always be a winner in my opinion. The best part, of course, is the fact that it's not a sappy type of show. It may be about love but it's still a funny (sometimes, nasty) in a laugh-out-loud kind of program.

2 It's Funny as Hell

It's Funny as HellIs this the 3rd time I've mentioned that the show is funny? Because really, it is. If you can spare 30 minutes of your week to de-stress, watching this program will be a great idea. Watch it with your friends or by your lonesome, it does not matter. By the time the credits are shown, you will have a lighter perspective on life. Hell, Barney's face alone is enough to make you smile.

3 Barney

BarneyAnd yes, Barney is one of the things (or, characters) you'll love about this show. He is the guy you would love to hate but cannot bring yourself to. He is crass, almost misogynistic and a little bit delusional but he is a total sweetheart. Okay, that did not make sense but really, he is. For example, he acts like a total *ss about the fact that his friends are not single but he actually helps them stay in love in his not-so-nice ways.

4 Your Get Lots of Dating Advice

Your Get Lots of Dating AdviceIf you happen to be stumped about how to ask a certain office mate out or how to move from friends to more than friends, this show will give you lots of ideas. Granted, most of the ideas will be laughable and insane but you will surely be noticed by that girl/guy you're crushing on. Just by looking at the characters, you will know that you would want to be like Lily or Marshall and not like Barney when it comes to dating.

5 Friends

FriendsThe show centers on four friends as they navigate dating, careers, and New York. From apartment-swapping to breakups to career changes, these four stay together. Over beer in their favorite bar, they keep each other laughing and sane. It's great to watch how different they are but totally amazing together.

6 Storytelling

StorytellingIn the show, the character named Ted is telling his kids how he met their mother. The year is 2030. I love the storytelling aspect of the show. If there is one thing that I consider magical in this day and age, it's good old storytelling.

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