8 Documentaries I'm Crazy about ...

I love documentary films. I'll watch just about any documentary that I find, because even if I don't start out interested in the subject matter, a well put together documentary will help me see it from a different angle. Some of the docs I like are serious, some are lighthearted, and some are extremely sad. Either way, here are eight of my very favorites.

1. Capturing the Friedmans

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This documentary was very good and very troubling. I still catch things when I watch it. It interested me to the point where I have attempted to keep up with the family, via internet searches of course. I would love to see a sequel, but I fear that will never happen. I don't want to give too much away to anyone who wants to see this, but let me just say that it brings to light many aspects of both child abuse and the possibility of false or implanted memories. Everyone I have ever watched this with has come up with a different conclusion.