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8 Documentaries I'm Crazy about ...

By Lyndsie

I love documentary films. I'll watch just about any documentary that I find, because even if I don't start out interested in the subject matter, a well put together documentary will help me see it from a different angle. Some of the docs I like are serious, some are lighthearted, and some are extremely sad. Either way, here are eight of my very favorites.

1 Capturing the Friedmans

Capturing the FriedmansPrice: $24.99 at
This documentary was very good and very troubling. I still catch things when I watch it. It interested me to the point where I have attempted to keep up with the family, via internet searches of course. I would love to see a sequel, but I fear that will never happen. I don't want to give too much away to anyone who wants to see this, but let me just say that it brings to light many aspects of both child abuse and the possibility of false or implanted memories. Everyone I have ever watched this with has come up with a different conclusion.

2 Zoo

ZooPrice: $$13.49 at
I'll tell you straight up, this documentary is more than a little gross, and it is definitely not recommended for children. However, given the nature of the subject, the film itself is tastefully done and rather beautifully shot. It is extremely eye-opening as well – but still gross.


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3 The Execution of Wanda Jean

The Execution of Wanda JeanPrice: $18.99 at
I'm a fan of crime based documentaries and this is a great one. It is by turns entertaining and tragic, inspiring laughter, anger, and empathy. This is one of those documentaries that I can watch over and over again, and always find something new.

4 Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer

Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial KillerPrice: $28.99 at
If you've seen monster, then you have to see this documentary. It literally blows the film right out of the water. Charlize Theron technically got an Oscar for a lie, because in this in depth film, Aileen admits that she did not murder in self defense. Watching her break down is incredibly intriguing. You see her case unravel thread by thread. There is a prequel to this that I highly recommend as well.

5 Spellbound

SpellboundPrice: $12.49 at
I liked Spelling Bees as a kid – and they scared me to death. Sometimes I'll even watch them when they're inexplicably aired on TV. And some of the kids act so strangely that I just had to see this documentary, which follows a variety of children to a nationwide Bee. It includes the kids who obsess and the kids who try to act like they don't care at all.

6 Maxed out: Hard Times, Easy Credit, and the Era of Predatory Lenders

Maxed out: Hard Times, Easy Credit, and the Era of Predatory LendersPrice: $13.99 at
I'll be honest. I like this documentary because it makes me feel better about my own credit card debt. It explains a lot of it, as well. It's sort of like going to any kind of self help meeting – for weight loss, addiction, or anything like that – and feeling better because so many people's stories sound like your own.

7 Grey Gardens

Grey GardensPrice: $17.49 at
I'm not talking about the HBO film starring Drew Barrymore, I'm talking about the 1976 documentary that inspired that movie. I love hearing about the eccentricity of old money, and this is the best I have ever seen. It's sort of like seeing another closet full of Kennedy-related skeletons.

8 Sicko

SickoPrice: $42.99 at
I'll tell you the truth, I'm not the biggest fan of Michael Moore … but I do get a kick out of his documentaries, and this is one of my favorites. The controversy surrounding health care keeps getting worse, so who knows, maybe Sicko II: Even Sicker is in order.

These are by no means all the documentaries I watch. However, they do number among my favorites. That being said, I am always looking for new ones. Do any of you have recommendations? What are your favorite documentaries?

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