7 Crime Dramas I Love ...

I admit it: I’m hooked on crime dramas. I love the plots and the detective work, the science and the characters, and how they all come together to solve even the strangest crimes. I don’t like reality-based crime shows, like “The First 48,” because they’re just depressing (why do we humans like to hurt each other so much?), but I love the made-up ones. Here are 7 crime dramas I love.

1. CSI

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This is my all-time favorite crime drama for a variety of reasons. First, the cast is fantastic, completely believable, from Sarah to Nick to Catherine to Brass. I really miss Grissom, and of course I wish Warrick hadn’t had to be killed off, but the addition of Laurence Fishburne as a new CSI was brilliant. And no, I don’t like the New York or Miami versions — it’s Vegas or nothing, baby.

2. Bones

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I loved “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and the spin-off “Angel,” not only because the writing was so wonderful, but also because I have such a massive crush on David Boreanz. Well, actually, I don’t like him personally, because he’s kind of a man-whore, but I adore his characters, including Booth. The sparks between him and brilliant, nerdy Bones are magnificent. I love this show!

3. Law & Order: SVU

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I’ve been a fan of the entire Law & Order series since they launched about, what, a hundred years ago? But my favorite is the Special Victims Unit, again, mostly because of the characters and the actors. I love all of them, from Olivia and Elliot to Finn and Munch. The DA is fantastic, along with all of his staff… and the plots seem ripped from the headlines, they’re so realistic. There are a few episodes that have made me cry like a baby. And they always seem to get the best actors to play the bad guys, too. Remember the episode with Andrew McCarthy? Best bad guy ever!

4. Hawaii Five-0

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No, I’m not talking about the original series, though that one was pretty good too. I’m talking about the remake, currently airing. I watched the first couple of episodes, certain the show would flop, or be poorly written, but surprisingly, it’s very, very good. The plots are a little trite and predictable, but I love the acting and the characters are very authentic… well, pretty authentic.

5. Detroit 1-8-7

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Okay, I don’t actually like this show very much. But there are certain things about it I think are brilliant: the editing and cinematography are spectacular, and of course I love that it’s shot and set here in Detroit. The story lines are also pretty good, but the acting and character development are awful.

6. NCIS: L.a

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I watch this show for two reasons: hot Chris O’Donnell and hotter LL Cool J. Sure the writing and plots and supporting cast are good, but really, even if they weren’t, I’d still be a fan. Want to make the show better, producer? Add more Chris and LL. Trust me.

7. Psyche

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I know crime dramas are supposed to be dramatic, but I love this one because it’s funny and serious, all at once. It’s wicked clever, with only a few episodes I haven’t loved. The premise is hilarious, a phony psychic trying to solve crimes. He’s goofy and weird, and his friend plays the straight man. I just wish it was on at a better time.

Those are my favorite crime dramas, but I’m sure next season, there will be even more of them added to the network and cable line-ups because they’re so popular (right up there with vampires, reality TV, and medical dramas). Which of these crime dramas do you like, and why? Or is there another one you like more, like maybe “The Closer”?

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