7 Crime Dramas I Love ...

I admit it: I’m hooked on crime dramas. I love the plots and the detective work, the science and the characters, and how they all come together to solve even the strangest crimes. I don’t like reality-based crime shows, like “The First 48,” because they’re just depressing (why do we humans like to hurt each other so much?), but I love the made-up ones. Here are 7 crime dramas I love.

1. CSI

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This is my all-time favorite crime drama for a variety of reasons. First, the cast is fantastic, completely believable, from Sarah to Nick to Catherine to Brass. I really miss Grissom, and of course I wish Warrick hadn’t had to be killed off, but the addition of Laurence Fishburne as a new CSI was brilliant. And no, I don’t like the New York or Miami versions — it’s Vegas or nothing, baby.

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