4 SATC 2 Tidbits to Sink Your Teeth into ...


4 SATC 2 Tidbits to Sink Your Teeth into ...
4 SATC 2 Tidbits to Sink Your Teeth into ...

I loved the first Sex and the City movie. I loved the clothes, the character development, the plot, the humor, the uh.. sex, and all the lovely shots of New York. While I think that the ending already gave us a wonderful image of where our beloved foursome was going to be for the rest of their lives, I am still pretty much excited about the sequel. If you are as excited as I am, you will enjoy these SATC2-related posts that I found while stalking some of my favorite blogs.

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The Sidewalk Stroll

The Sidewalk Stroll Here are the first paparazzi photos of Carrie doing the standard SATC sidewalk stroll. Doesn't Sarah Jessica Parker look awesome? While the outfit may be too tamed for Carrie's taste, you cannot deny the fact that the shoes are totally her taste. Those Louboutins are gorgeous!


Blast from the past

Blast from the past This could be the scene of Carrie first arriving in New York. We can tell that she was already a fashionista even then. Let's hope that they are able to actually make SJP look 20 years younger in these scenes. Nevertheless, it would be fun to see her quirky clothes then. And doesn't SJP look


Brady is No Longer a Baby

Brady is No Longer a Baby Holy cow, Brady got big! So we can probably assume that the movie is set 5 to 6 years after the last one ended, right? I wonder if Charlotte had another baby or if Brady has a younger sibling. I wonder if Carrie and Mr. Big have their own kids now. I wonder if we'll see cute scenes of Brady and Charlotte's kids on a playdate. I should just stop wondering and wait for the movie to come out but I'm just too exited!


Get the Carrie Look for Less

Now this is probably the best of these links. If you loved Carrie's look in the first photo of her strolling in her beloved New York, you will want to check out this under $100 version. Buy each piece, wear 'em with Carrie attitude, and you'll have men gawking at you as you grace a familiar sidewalk with your shiny shoes.

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