5 Things to Make You Swoon Today...


5 Things to Make You Swoon Today...
5 Things to Make You Swoon Today...

I admit that I have not seen New Moon (gasp!). I read the book and I did not like the fact that Bella and Edward were not together for majority of the story. Eclipse, however....Look at the photo!

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This is a young adult book recently posted on Write-Brained. And this is a sentence from it: "All I want is to be back with you, standing thigh-deep in the river, feeding you my tongue." Whew! HOT.


Get your guy (or girl) one of these crafty and cute pillows. And of course, cuddle right away when it arrives. Cuddle with your guy (or girl) AND the pillow, of course.


From the list, mine will have to be Patrick of 10 Things I Hate About You. He was fun and cute.


Because we love you, ladies. This time, he is interviewed promoting his new movie with Emile de Ravin, Remember Me. You'll love this if you love a slightly-bearded Rob.

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Well Meream, I'm ready for all the Twilight Sagas I can get hands on! It's a Saga which brought millions interests! I wish that they would decide to complete these movies, certain that they will continue to have top rating from us public! I browsed into Nos 4 website - 4. Who is Your Favorite Chick-Flick Leading Man?.. Whoever has not seen these movies, may better go and rent them! These are some of the best love stories ever watched! I'm really exited to watch Pattison's new movie - Remember Me!! :) I'm a great fan of his!

Well I saw New Moon a few months ago, I was not really impressed by the story but I really like the new look of Tyler :) He was so cute with short hair :)

how can i get my man back.because he goes on for days without seeing me or even calling me this is really stressing me out

i like the pillow idea! big kiss xx marian

Lovin' those pillows. Who needs a boy when I can just cuddle with these ;) Favorite chick flick guy? Noah from Notebook! *swoon* and *swooon some more*

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