7 Funny Jokes to Help You Smile ...


7 Funny Jokes to Help You Smile ...
7 Funny Jokes to Help You Smile ...

Some days, nothing goes right. You over sleep, you can’t find one of your shoes, your son spills his cereal all over you report, and the car won’t start…. Do you need a smile? Do you need a laugh? How about something to just cheer you up, to help you make it through the rest of the day? Keep reading for some really cute one-liners, quotes, and a couple quirky jokes.

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Question: Who are bumblebee, wasp, and yellow jacket’s favorite singers?
Answer: Sting!


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”Daddy, Mom said no. But I would like a second opinion. What do you say?


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At age 65 my mother started walking 5 miles a day to improve her health. You know, lose weight, lower her blood pressure, and give her more energy. It seemed to have worked. She’s 75 now, but we can’t find her.


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“Hey mom, your old spring break video is taking Facebook by storm. Thanks for letting me borrow it! So far, we have 236 comments!”


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One day, my two preschoolers were in the kitchen arguing over the last cupcake. So I tried to explain to them what Jesus would do. Emily, the oldest, said, “Fine Todd. You can be Jesus!”


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4 reasons you don’t have to do EVERYTHING: the dust bunnies give the kitty something to chase, frozen waffles take you back to your college days, you need to give your mother-in-law something to talk about, and dandelions make your yard look colorful!


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4 Reasons you need to organize this summer: you though Rover and Fifi ran off, last month, but you found them in the basement, you finally found the remote to your VCR from high school days, you can’t find your spare keys (which is your 10th set!) and your 5 year old offered to help clean his bedroom.
Did any of these jokes make you smile? Which one?

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i loved them all =D

#3 made me laugh out loud.

these ads above the pictures are really annoying!

Cupcakes and jesus

Haha! 3, 5, 6, and 7 made me laugh.

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