8 Things That Inspire Me to Write ...


8 Things That Inspire Me to Write ...
8 Things That Inspire Me to Write ...

I’ve always enjoyed writing, whether it was stories, poems, letters, or blogs. I like the way words let me express my feelings. It’s fun to describe a situation or scene to others and have them see almost exactly what you are seeing as they read the description. Here are 8 things that inspire me to write. If you enjoy writing too, then I bet some of the things on this list are also inspirations to you.

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The Need to Express My Opinion

I’m not a very talkative person, but I do still like to express my opinion about something. However, instead of getting into heated debates like the ones my husband is so good at, I find it much easier to do my expressing in the written form. It’s much easier to backspace and rewrite something in a clearer manner than to try and erase something I’ve just said out loud.


To Entertain

I entertain my grandmother with weekly letters about the goings on around here. Between the kids and the animals, there always seems to be plenty to talk about. She lives all alone and she once told me that she looks forward to my letters each week. It gives her something exciting and funny to read about. I love making my sweet little grandmother happy!


The Chance to Make New Friends

I’ve made so many new friends because of writing. Not only am I able to meet knew people when I write something that they associate with and respond to, but I can also keep in better contact with my current friends.


The Desire to Share with Others

There are so many facts stored away in my head that I love sharing with others. Some people might find these random facts useful and others might simply pass them by. I like sharing my knowledge about anything that someone else might be able to utilize.


Past Loves

Aren’t past love interests perfect for writing great poems about? I think so! I’ve written many macabre poems because of a past love or a love who I felt had done me wrong, such as this one authspot.com It always seems that anger helps quite a bit when trying to draw inspiration for some types of poems.


The Environment

Nature, my pets, the woods around me, my garden, and tons of other things found within my environment are great inspiration for a variety of writings. I can write poems about what I see and my letters to family and friends are filled with much more detail when my surroundings are interesting. Current events should probably also be included as part of my environment, since these also play a large part in the inspiration needed to write.



I love adjectives! Where would writing be without them? It would be utterly boring, so say the least. There are some fantastic adjectives that are just waiting to be rediscovered. I come across ones that I haven’t heard of when reading old text from earlier centuries. I like looking up an unknown adjective, finding out exactly what it means, and then being able to use it effectively in my writing.


My Kids

Kids aren’t only a source of enjoyment. They are also a great inspiration for writing. I like to write about things that they’ve done over the years and I like to keep in touch with relatives about what each of the children have been up to. I hope that someday they will appreciate the little bits of writing I’ve done about them when they read the writings later on in life.

These are 8 things that inspire me to write. What are your inspirations that make you want to write?

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This was a great post!! :) I love writing too, and reading for that matter... I've tried to get into blogging but the thought of knowing that it takes work to get traffic through your blog discourages me and I end up stopping altogether and also forgetting what website my blog is on!

Great post! I adore writing:)

I’m not a very talkative person too... And that is surely one of the reasons that inspire me. However, I wish that on days that I fell tired or am busy. I could find that inspiration for writing more easily... Sometimes it is certainly harder to do so. But I always feel better after a session of writing.

Stress and anger helps me write. I cant vent out loud so writing is my option to cool me down.

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