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8 Beauty Regimes to Follow While Pregnant ...

By Mercy

I believe that pregnant women look beautiful. In many cases, their skin glows, their hair looks fuller and they barely need makeup to look pretty. However, not every pregnant woman is so fortunate. All the same, it is important to be careful in choosing your beauty regime to ensure no harm is done to your unborn baby. Here are some beauty regimes to follow while pregnant.

1 Drink Lots of Water

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This is one of the best beauty regimes to follow while pregnant. Water will flush out all the toxins from the body and will also help in making your skin glowing and beautiful. It will also ensure that your skin remains elastic and reduce the chances of stretch marks.

2 Rinse Your Face Frequently

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The face is one of the most exposed parts of the body and a lot of dust, dirt, grime and environmental pollution settles on it. Rinse your face with just water frequently to keep your face clean and your pores open. This is also highly recommended to women who are prone to acne breakouts.

3 Skin Cleansing Routine

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Create and stick to a simple skin cleansing routine. Use cleanser, toner, moisturizer and that’s it. Avoid using excessive chemicals on your skin as the skin can easily absorb them into the bloodstream.

4 Use Sun Screen

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This is one of the important beauty regimes to follow while pregnant. The rays of the sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin as well as body and it is important that you avoid exposing yourself to harmful radiation of the sun. Use a sun screen of at least SPF 30.

5 Use Appropriate Makeup

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As I have mentioned above, avoid using excessive chemicals on the skin while pregnant. This applies especially to makeup. Apply as little makeup as possible, typically, only a little eye makeup and lipstick.

6 Ensure Makeup Removal

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Every time you apply makeup, make sure that you remove it with a good cleansing lotion before you go to sleep. Makeup that stays on your skin through the night will clog your pores and cause skin problems.

7 Hair Painting and Highlights

Feel free to paint or highlight your hair as you like. However, ensure that no hair color or paint touches your scalp. Avoid dyeing all your hair while pregnant.

8 Eat a Nutritious Diet

While this may hardly seem to be one of the beauty regimes to follow while pregnant, it is nonetheless the secret to looking beautiful. Of course, a nutritious diet is critical for both you and your baby, but it will also ensure that you look beautiful.

The most important aspect of beauty regimes to follow while pregnant is that you need to be comfortable with them. Do not allow yourself to be unduly stressed by any particular aspect of a beauty regime. The most critical thing however is to be happy. If you are happy, you will find it easy to be beautiful.

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