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Yoga Abs Workout Anyone?

By Samantha

The scorching heat of the summer **is the best time to **sweat **it all out using your favorite form of **exercise. Shed off those excess **pounds **by working on eliminating the **fat **in problem areas such as your thighs, your hips, your arms and your belly.

Now, before hitting the beach in your skimpy bikinis, you should first work on looking good on the outside. **Yoga **does exactly that - with an added bonus of making you feel great on the inside, too.

I haven’t tried Yoga **myself but I do know that it aims to “**unite the mind, the body and the spirit”. Honestly, all that **flexing **and **stretching **makes me quite intimidated to try **Yoga **out - because I don’t think that my bones and my limbs can handle the pressure.

But for those of you who are already practicing Yoga, here’s a quick list of the benefits that you will get to enjoy:

• Increased flexibility
• Increased joint and ligament lubrication
• Complete body detoxification
• Muscle toning
• **Massaging **even the internal organs in the body

Let’s all check out this video which is “**Radiating Yoga Abs Workout**** with Shiva Rea**”:

A strong core means more than flat abs. World-renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea shows you a creative way to strengthen your core without the usual tedious abs exercises. As you flow from one pose to another, you'll strengthen your belly, hips, thighs, and lower back.

-Meta Cafe

Hmmm… that did not look too complicated now that I think about it. Maybe I will enroll in a **Yoga **class this summer.

We’d love to hear what all you AWT readers out there think about the video. Do you have any experience practicing **Yoga **or are your **muscles **as **‘inflexible’ **as mine?=)

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