Top 10 Things for Your Gym Bag ...


Top 10 Things for Your Gym Bag ...
Top 10 Things for Your Gym Bag ...

If you’ve never worked out in a gym, you may not be sure what you’ll need. It seems like a strange thing to ask someone too — what do you keep in your gym bag? But unless you ask, you’ll never know… or you can just read my list of the top things you need in your gym bag!

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Good Trainers

Good Trainers Photo Credit: d.dong

I can’t tell you how important a good pair of trainers is. If you use shoes that are cheap or run-down, you’ll get blisters, and a poor work-out. Invest the money in a pair of shoes that fit right, are comfortable, and will last for at least a year.


Shower Shoes

Shower Shoes Photo Credit: Dyxie

Even in the cleanest women’s locker room, it’s possible, and in fact PROBABLE, that there are all sorts of nasty germs around, especially the ones that cause athlete’s foot. Bring a pair of flip-flip shower shoes, and wear them anytime you take off your shoes. And please be sure to wear them in the shower, for sure! Aside from dousing the floor with bleach and scrubbing with a harsh cleanser right before you go in, there’s no other way to prevent catching someone else’s foot icky!



IPod Photo Credit: Steve Wampler

If I get to the gym and realize I’ve left my iPod at home, I turn right back around and get it. It’s impossible to work-out without the right music! If you don’t like iPod, or can’t afford one, invest in another MP3 player, or make sure your gym plays music you enjoy. My current favorite work-out songs are “Time to Pretend” by MGMT and “Help, I’m Alive” by Metric. You can even find lists of great work-out songs at Make sure your iPod is charged and stuff it in your gym bag each time!



Towel Photo Credit: lorna rose.

Most gyms don’t supply towels, and even if they did, would you really want to use one of them? Bring a good fluffy towel, and make sure you wash it after EVERY use. You might want to bring a washcloth, too.


Shower Goodies

Shower Goodies Photo Credit: cycle.nut66

My gym provides shampoo and conditioner, but not body-wash or soap, or you might not like the shower products that they provide, so make sure you bring those with you. Small bottles will take up less space in your gym bag, and aren’t as heavy, but I recommend bringing the full-sized bottles, or you’ll be refilling them constantly!


After-shower Goodies

After-shower Goodies Photo Credit: juliensart

Make sure to pack your gym bag with everything you normally use after your shower, like lotion, moisturizer, deodorant, make-up, hair products, and a hair dryer (if your gym doesn’t have them). I also bring a plastic tote bag to put my dirty gym clothes and towel in.


Pads or Tampons

Pads or Tampons Photo Credit: deadbetty (behind....again)

If you’ve ever gotten your period at the gym, you know how important it is to bring pads or tampons with you. Most gyms don’t have a machine dispenser, and the ones that do are almost always empty. Toss a couple of them into your bag and don’t worry about it!



Lock Photo Credit: MikeLawrie

My gym provides spacious lockers, but no locks. Make sure to bring a combination lock, or a lock with a small key, so nothing gets stolen. Trust me, even the nicest, most upscale gym will attract petty thieves, and nothing’s worse than having your carefully-stocked gym bag stolen!



Water Photo Credit: victor_nuno

If you’re working out like you should, you’ll be a sweaty mess by the time you’re done. Make sure to keep hydrated! Most of us won’t need Gatorade, so just plain water will do. Try not to drink ice-cold water, though, as it can give you horrible stomach cramps. Keep a bottle in your gym bag, so you’ll always have one if you forget a chilled one at home.


Light Snack

Light Snack Photo Credit: Ellie W.

I’m always starving when I finish working out, so I’ve taken to bringing a small baggie of grapes and keeping a box of organic granola bars in my gym bag. Whatever light snack you prefer, keep some in your gym bag, so if you feel like you want something to eat, you don’t have to blow all the calories you just burned on vending-machine junk!

Now that you know what to pack in your gym bag, you’ll be able to leave a packed bag in your car so you can work out whenever you have the energy even if you didn’t plan on it earlier in the day! Also pack a clean change of clothes, separate from your gym bag, in case you need that, too. And what do you have in your gym bag? What work-out item do you absolutely have to have? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: ChrisInCopenhagen

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Water is definitely #1, you'd die without it ;) But for me, I'd like to bring a whole bottle of blue Gatorade. Yummy! I'd also suggest a hair tie for long hair. My fave songs for working out is stronger and new workout plan by kanye west!

nice post Jennifer, will def share with our gym members.

I loved reading this post! Thanks Jen for those really helpful points! I admit I don't go ofen to the Gym cause I hate it! Lol! But once in a while I go for a good training and especially to use the indoor pool! I'm gonna copy your points so the next time I go I won't foget anything, like I usually do!

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