Top 7 Exercises for Tightening Your Stomach after Having a Baby ...

By Melanie

Now that your baby has been born, you are probably stuck with a big mushy tummy! Over the next months, your belly will get flatter, but in order to get rid of that doughy look, you will need to turn to some abdominal exercises.

I believe abdominal exercises are the best exercises for tightening your stomach after having a baby. If you have been searching for some exercises to tighten your stomach, then I am here to help. I have been there and done that on two different occasions.

Instead of focusing on those sit-ups, you should focus on those transverse abdominals. The transverse muscles are the most overlooked group of abdominal muscles.

These are the deepest lying ab muscles. They act as a girdle to the middle section. They lie horizontally and help keep the organs in place. These are the muscles you need to target in order to get that flatter tummy!

See below for the top 7 exercises for tightening your stomach after having a baby…

7 No-Crunch Crunch

In order to do this exercises, you need to lay down on the floor. Keep your knees bent and the feet firmly placed on the floor. Take your hands and place them below and to the side of your belly button. Firmly take two fingers from both hands and put them on your lower abdomen. Start to gently draw your lower ab down towards the floor, but don’t move the pelvis. Raise your chest or hold your breath. As soon as you feel your muscles getting tight, stop drawing in your stomach.

6 Scissor Kicks

These are great abdominal workouts for new moms! Lay down on the floor, put your hands under your buttocks and keep your back against the floor. Raise one leg off of the grown and lower it down slowly back to the ground. As you lower that leg, lift up the other. You should do three sets of ten repetitions. This is definitely one of the best exercises for tightening your stomach after having a baby!

5 Pelvic Tilts

This is another exercise that will tighten your stomach. It consists of you lying on the floor with your back pressed against it, keep your feet on the ground as you bend your knees. Lift your pelvis up and hold it briefly before you lower it back down to the ground.

4 Lifted-Leg Push-ups

If you feel like multi-tasking during that workout, then give this exercise a whirl. Basically, what you need to do is get in that push-up position, but keep those feet hip-width apart. Take one leg and raise it up as high as you possibly can, then do a regular push-up. Switch legs and repeat the process. This is one of the best exercises for tightening your stomach after having a baby

3 Countertop Push-ups

I like this one, because it does not require much. All you need to do is stand about two feet from a counter, place your hands on the countertop and lower down, then back up. It’s really that easy!

2 Bicep Curl

You all know what a bicep curl is and it will definitely help tighten your stomach.

1 Arm Spins

This consists of standing with your arms reach out to the sides. Keep your elbows straight and muscles flexed as you circle arms forward.

There are many other exercises that will tighten your stomach. However, I believe these 7 are the best exercises for tightening your stomach after having a baby.

Bicep Curl is one of the most popular techniques that have been used for many years. Which techniques do you use? Which ones do you plan on using?

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