The Importance of an Afternoon Nap ...

The Spanish call it **‘siesta’ **-a short **nap **taken during the early afternoon. **Sleeping **the hot afternoon away after a full meal at noon may sound like **overindulgence **for some people -but it’s tradition for some countries, especially ones with a tropical, warm weather.

Today, the modern equivalent of siesta is ‘power napping’. This is especially beneficial to office workers who are typing away in their desks for more than 8 hours a day.

Studies show that a 20-minute or less power nap is a way to refresh you and give you aboostof**energy**** **to face another half-day of intense work.

The **benefits **of a power **nap **includes:

• Lesser stress
• Mood improvement
• Increased alertness and learning
• Increased productivity and creativity
• Better heart health and overall health

Check out this article from to learn about the “7 Simple Rules for How to Take a Nap”.

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