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8 Techniques for Being Persuasive ...

By Lyndsie

In life, being persuasive can sometimes take you far. You also have to remember that there is a big difference between being persuasive and being manipulative. These 8 techniques for being persuasive will not only show you the difference, but will also provide you with some great tips on how to persuade others to see your point of view.

Table of contents:

  1. start it yourself
  2. encourage imagination
  3. loss vs. gain
  4. be giving
  5. be persistent
  6. use your humor
  7. the majority rules rule
  8. have a positive outlook

1 Start It Yourself

If you are looking to persuade people to join in with something, then start doing it first yourself. If you can get friends to join in, so much the better. When something has already begun, people tend to join in more easily. They don't want to be the first ones to do something, so you can take over that role.

2 Encourage Imagination

Helping people to imagine something is a great persuasion tactic. It doesn't even have to be anything huge. For example, saying something as simple as, “We are both tired, but think about how great it will be to have this over with,” can persuade a person to finish the task at hand, whether it is painting a room or finishing a work project.

3 Loss Vs. Gain

Sometimes people are more motivated by what they stand to lose than what they stand to gain. Rather than throwing a guilt trip about what a person can have, you should let them know what they stand to lose by not doing something. For example, trying to talk your boyfriend into quitting his video game so the two of you can go on a walk probably won't work, but reminding him that it may be one of the last lovely days of the season probably will.

4 Be Giving

People return kindnesses. At the very least, they believe that if someone does them a favor, they should return it. It is like a conditioned trait by now. So, be giving to others. Do favors. It might sound corny to say that the good you do will come back to you, but it is also true.

5 Be Persistent

Often, the key to being persuasive involves being persistent. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want more than once. You have to hang in there. Even if you have to change up your request, or reword it, it is more than likely going to work in the end.

6 Use Your Humor

People are more inclined to do lots of things when they are laughing. If you put someone in a good mood, he or she is far more likely to see things your way or to do what you want. Use your sense of humor, put people at ease, make them laugh and feel good. This will ultimately be good for the task at hand.

7 The Majority Rules Rule

Majority rules. The end. Sometimes a democracy can be your best ally. This works all the time. If you see that your neighbors have all lowered their utility bills, your household is more likely to want to do the same. When you have the majority behind you, then you win; when you see the majority in front of you, your first instinct is usually to join in with them.

8 Have a Positive Outlook

Nothing beats positive thinking. This might involve just being cheerful or it might involve actively treating other people positively. Notice the good that they do and let them know about it. That kind of outlook will, in turn, make people respond to you positively as well.

You should only use your powers of persuasion for good, of course. Like I said, no one wants to be manipulated. What do you do to persuade people? Does it work for you?

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