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13 Best Teeth Whitening Kits to Try at Home ...

By Katie

I've whitened my teeth so much that I think I qualify as a teeth-whitening professional. In fact, my dentist had to ask me to stop whitening my teeth because I'm doing it too much! So, believe me when I say that I'm obsessed with teeth whiteners, and I've tried almost all of them. Here are thirteen consumer favorites and my take on them.

1 Rembrandt Intense Stain Whitening Toothpaste

Price: $7.00 a tube
Claims: Brighten, whiten, and protect teeth with each use.
My experience: I started with this one because it is the most common, easiest to find, and easiest to use. However, I don't think it works! Rembrandt is by far the most expensive brand of toothpaste on the market, and I didn't notice any big whitening when I used it. I'd save my money and buy a bargain brand of toothpaste, then use a better whitener.

2 Crest Whitestrips

Price: $44.99
Claims: Safe, easy, and effective whitening in ten days.
My experience: I think this whitening system is by far the best one out there. I've used a lot of products, and this one always works. Yes, it is pricey, but I always see three to four levels of whitening in the two or so weeks it takes me to use them all. Just place the little gel-covered strips on your teeth twice a day, and you're done! (And here's a little tip.. I've bought the Target generic brand for $24.99, and they worked just as well!) The only downside I've found with these is that I had some little white dots on my teeth for several hours after using it.


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3 Colgate Simply White

Price: $15.99
Claims: Provides an easy way to sparkling white teeth.
My experience: Of all the paint-on whiteners, I liked this product the best. I did feel like this product stayed on my teeth fairly well, and I did see about two levels of whitening while using it. However, I didn't like having to hold my mouth totally open for thirty seconds after applying it, and I'd rather just save my money and buy the Crest Whitening Strips. I probably wouldn't use this product again, but for people who don't like the slimy feel of strips, this would be my favorite paint-on whitener.

4 Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit

Price: $19.99
Claims: Get a whiter smile in just two hours.
My experience: I really liked this product. I've used it twice, both times before a big event that evening (a high school reunion and my husband's work holiday party). It is kind of a pain to keep the mouthpiece in your mouth for two hours (you take it out every twenty minutes to rinse and refill), but I did get great results... my teeth were a lot whiter at the end of that time. The other downsides were the little white dots on my teeth that went away after a few hours and increased sensitivity to cold. I would definitely use this one again, but I would make sure I used it early enough in the day to let those spots fade.

5 Crest Night Effects

Price: $14.99
Claims: Whiten your teeth while you sleep.
My experience: I'm not a huge fan of paint-on teeth whiteners. I just feel like they don't stick to my teeth as well as ones with strips or trays. I felt like this product had rubbed or washed off as soon as I opened and closed my mouth a few times, and it definitely limited my ... ummm... romantic nighttime activities. Haha! I saw about two shades of whitening with this product, but it wasn't my favorite.

6 Natural White Pro Tooth Bleaching System

Price: $24.99
Claims: Using this whitening system, you'll see visible whitening in just a few days.

My experience: This system is very complicated with lots of parts... trays, neutralizers, pre-whitening toothpaste, etc. I thought it was way too confusing, and I didn't see any results at all. Plus, I drooled a lot when I had the trays in my mouth, and that was gross. It took way too long to do all the little steps, and I just don't have that much time when there are other products on the market that are quicker and easier.

7 Luster One Hour White

Price: $40
Claims: Whiten like a dentist- up to six shades in an hour!
My experience: I was really excited about this product because I'd seen commercials about expensive dentist office whitening using a light. So, I was excited that I'd get to use a light like that at home for only $40! Well, first I painted on the activating gel, and then I sat in front of the light... and I was disappointed. I didn't think the light was very strong, and I thought the gel rubbed off as soon as I closed my mouth. My teeth did appear whiter at first, but after a few minutes and a few drinks of water, they seemed to fade.

8 Listerine Dissolving Whitening Strips

Price: $24.99
Claims: Using the quick dissolve strips, you can whiten teeth in just ten minutes a day.

My experience: I liked this product okay, but not great. First of all, they work a lot like Crest Whitestrips, but these strips dissolve instead of having to be pulled off. I had a really hard time getting them out of the package, and I ripped several of them... which was a waste. Then, they didn't really dissolve all the way... they left a sticky film on my teeth, so I had to rinse a lot with water once the time was up. They did whiten my teeth about two to three shades, but I probably won't use them again.

9 Ultra plus White Complete Teeth Whitening System

Price: $14.99
Claims: Whiten with trays like a dentist office product for much less!
My experience: This system comes with whitening rinse, whitening gel, and soft foam trays. These trays were absolutely disgusting. They were truly foamy, almost like a Nerf playground ball covered in goop in my mouth. I only used this a few times because I could not stand putting that foam mouthpiece back in my mouth after a few days. I thought that was not very sanitary at all because there really wasn't a way to get that foam clean, and I thought it might be moldy from sitting on my bathroom counter being moist all day. I definitely won't use this one again!

10 Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster

Price: $5.00
Claims: Combine this booster with your regular toothpaste to whiten your teeth.
My experience: I wanted to try this product because it was very affordable and seemed very easy to use. Well, one of those thoughts was correct... it is very affordable. However, it is really thick and was hard to get out of the tube and onto my toothbrush. Then, it did a good job of cleaning my teeth - they were very shiny and smooth, but I didn't notice them being any whiter. I think this is just an abrasive additive to toothpaste that will scrub off surface stains, but doesn't really whiten the enamel like other products. I won't get this one again, but it might work if you're a smoker or something.

11 Supersmile Professional Whitening System

Price: $36.00
Claims: Brighten your smile while improving overall dental hygiene.
My experience: This teeth whitening kit is awesome. The Supersmile Professional Whitening System is the only system that restores bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns, and even dentures to their original color! It might seem a bit pricy but it's definitely a good investment. I love that it's good for both whitening your teeth and the overall wellbeing of your dental hygiene!

12 prime time smile same day

Price: $30.00
Claims: Get visibly whiter teeth in less than an hour.
My experience: I would definitely recommend this teeth whitening kit! Although you have to set aside 40 minutes per session, it's well worth. The results are definitely noticeable and the brush-tip pens make whitening so easy!

13 Plus White 5 Minute Premier Speed Teeth Whitening Gel

Price: $5.00
Claims: This 5-Minute teeth whitening gel is enamel-friendly.
My experience: I'll admit, this one isn't the best of the bunch BUT if you have patience and stick to daily use of it, you WILL see results. If you're not trying to break the bank on teeth whitening kits, try this one out.

I've been whitening my teeth for almost fifteen years, since the very first at-home teeth whiteners came out in stores. So, I've tried all the big brands - and some of the smaller ones - and these are my opinions on them! Do you have different ideas? I'd love to hear them, so comment below!
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